Airplane Activities for Kids

Printable Airplane Activities and Games

The BE Family Travel packet of Printable Airplane Activities and Games can be used to entertain your children while you travel, especially while flying and in the airport. The Travel Planner will help you and your family prepare for the trip.

These 62 printable pages include various travel-themed games, activities, and more for children aged three plus (and adults will want to join in too).

This Printable Airplane Activity Bundle is an inexpensive way to engage your children in fun activities and help avoid screen time while traveling. These Airplane Activities for Kids are the perfect way to entertain all ages and provide fun and enjoyment during flights and in the airport.

Watch this video to see inside the airplane activity pack.

What’s in the PDF Download of Printable Airplane Activities for Kids?

The 62 pages include a variety of airplane printable coloring pages, air travel activities, and children’s airplane games. Suitable for the whole family, this is fun for kids and adults.

What’s included in the Airplane Activity Bundle in Part 1:

  • Part 1 of the airplane travel-themed activity pack includes a Travel Log, Travel Journal, and an Airport Scavenger Hunt.
  • This printable download includes popular children’s games such as Pictionary, a Silhouette Guessing Game, counting games, and Spot the Difference.
  • Activity pages include mazes, dot-to-dot, drawing, coloring, activity sheets, and more.
  • It includes an alphabet game, word searches, word scrambles, word puzzles, and Scattergories.
  • An Answer Page is also included.

What’s in Part 2:

  • Part 2 has Group or Partner Games for your family travels and flights, including the hilarious game of Would You Rather?
  • And Airport Bingo with six unique boards and a complete set of 45 calling cards that you can print and use to play bingo.

What’s in Part 3:

  • Part 3 is a Travel Planner for Flying and includes a calendar to count down the days until your trip.
  • There are Flight Information and Travel Information pages to organize all your important travel details, as well as a To-Do List to record all the things to do before your trip.
  • There are multiple packing lists for flying with children, with checklists to help you remember everything you’ll need to pack for carry-on and checked bags.
  • An Airplane Snacks list with kid-friendly travel snacks, a While We’re Away page for house-sitter and pet care information, and a Notes page.

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Airplane Activities For Preschoolers and Kids

These digital PDF worksheets are customizable by adding text to the pages; you cannot change the page designs or layout. You can handwrite information on the printable worksheets.

Consider printing the pages, hole punching, or storing them in a binder with sheet protectors to organize your travel activities easily.

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