Summer Planner For Kids with Summer Bucket List Ideas for Families

Summer Planner For Kids

Keeping kids entertained during the summer months can be daunting without fun activities and good planning. The BE Family Travel Summer Planner For Kids has everything you need for a boredom-free summer.

You only get eighteen summers with your kids. Summer 2023 is one of your eighteen. Be intentional with the limited summer months by planning your summer vacation activities and daily schedules. Make this summer count!

Use our easy systems to help your summer go smoothly. Many of our summer planner printable worksheets can be used by your child(ren), so they can be engaged with planning the best summer ever.

This Summer Planner is a valuable tool to help your family have a fun, easy, stress-free, and memorable summer.

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What’s in the Summer Planner?

The 35 printable pages include a variety of summer bucket list ideas for kids, summer planner templates, calendars, checklists, rewards systems, and more for parents and children.

What’s included and how to use The Summer Planner For Kids:

  • Start at home by using the Summer Planner and Calendars to mark any important dates and see an overview of your summer at a glance.
  • Use the Summer Schedule to provide theme ideas for the weekdays.
  • Brainstorm different summer “to-do” categories that are important to your family.
  • Then you and your kid(s) can start working out Weekly and Daily Plans of activities, goals, and checklists, plus Weekly Menu Plans.
  • Our Summer Bucket List Ideas highlight over 100 activities for families.
  • Use the Printable Summer Bucket List to create a summer bucket list for kids of the things that your family wants to do.
  • Print and cut out the summer vacation Activity Cards, which can be used as reward coupons for good behavior.
  • Put Activity Cards in a “Boredom Jar” and pull out an activity idea from the jar.
  • Make a list of Summer Rules that your children will agree to follow.
  • Use the My Responsibilities page for kids to keep track of completed daily and weekly responsibility tasks.
  • Help your children create healthy screen time habits by having a list of tasks that should be completed before using technology and to earn screen time.
  • Use the Summer Reading Log to track how much reading they are doing.
  • Use the Screen Time Coupons as rewards for chore completion and good behavior.
  • When it’s time to hit the road and leave town for summer vacation activities, we have included a Packing List for kids, Summer Journal pages, and a Travel Log that kids will enjoy.

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Summer Planner Template

There are multiple summer planner templates and printable worksheets throughout the planner to help you with the summer planning process.

These worksheets are customizable, so you can add text to the pages or print and handwrite information on the printable worksheets