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Traveling with Kids

Are you planning your family vacation with kids? Now you’re wondering how to entertain your children on a family road trip or a flight with kids? Trying to avoid that dreaded, and repetitive, question of are we nearly their yet? Ensuring you pack travel activities to keep your little ones busy on your travels will help relieve their boredom, and keep you sane. Your journey traveling with kids should include activities such as: craft or activity sets, sticker books, workbooks, printable road trip games, toys, travel games, coloring, books, screen time, followed by snacks, then rinse and repeat! In this post we highlight Best Travel Activities for Kids age 4-8 years. Plus they’re all no-mess activities, so don’t leave home without these essential travel activities for your kids.

If you’re traveling with a toddler then our other posts that you may find helpful include essential travel toys for toddlers and how to travel with a potty training toddler. If you’re flying then check out surviving jet lag with your toddler and what to consider before traveling with a car seat.

The more we travel with our children, I have learned how to simplify a road trip with kids and how to avoid motion sickness in kids. And in this current environment it’s especially important to be aware of strategies to stay healthy while traveling with children.

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What are the must-have Travel Activities for Kids?

When traveling with children plan to bring a few special surprises to keep up your sleeve, such as a new activity or toy your child has not seen before. And don’t forget to bring the most important item of all – road trip snacks for kids.

Over the years and the many thousands of miles we have traveled with our children, there are certain items we won’t leave home without.

Must-have travel activities for kids include:

  • Craft or Activity Sets
  • Sticker Books or Workbooks
  • Printable Road Trip Games for Kids
  • Toys
  • Travel Games
  • Coloring Books and Crayons or Markers
  • Books at your child’s appropriate reading level
  • iPad, Tablet or Device with Headphones, charger and travel case

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Kids Car Seat Travel Tray

Best Travel Activities for Kids age 4-8 years

Here’s our favorite travel activities for kids age 4-8 years. This includes a list of the essential no-mess activities that are lightweight and can easily be packed in your carry-on luggage or a BE Family Travel Tray. These activities are great options to entertain your child on an airplane or on a car ride.

Spirograph Travel Set

The Spirograph Travel Set allows kids age 5+ to create countless designs on the go! Similarly, the built in storage tray makes this travel set easy to take on family vacation. This classic design toy was one of my childhood favorites ❣

Melissa & Doug On-the-Go Felt Friends Craft Activity Set

The Melissa & Doug On-the-Go Felt Friends Craft Activity Set comes with illustrated step-by-step instructions that help to teach kids how to use the set safely and inspire creative ideas. So, it’s a great activity set for traveling, and ideal for kids ages 4 years and up.

Melissa & Doug On the Go Secret Decoder Activity Books

Melissa & Doug On the Go Secret Decoder Activity Books and spy tools for kids include mazes, seek-and-finds, word scrambles, codes to break and more. Plus spy tools such as magic ink, red-lens spy glass, and decoder wheel. These 18 page compact books make a great travel activity for kids age 7+

Wikki Stix Traveler Playset

Travel Toys for Toddlers

Wikki Stix offer clean, quiet, hands-on and engaging play for any occasion – in the car, or on the plane. Furthermore, this product is made with non-toxic food grade wax and hand knitting yarn. This kit includes a convenient, bright red carrying case for imaginative play during travel.

Paint by Sticker Kids: Zoo Animals

Travel Activities for Kids

Paint by Sticker Kids: Zoo Animals includes everything you need to create ten sticker paintings on sturdy card stock. Plus, all the pages are perforated – making it easy to tear out each finished work to frame and share! Your child can paint a zoo full of animals with stickers! It’s simple – find the sticker, peel, then place the sticker, and watch your animal painting come to life!

Sticker Book

Have your child choose their Sticker Book of preference.

Our girls love to dress their favorite American Girl® characters in pretty outfits with this sticker book collection.

Or maybe your child prefers to explore our universe, science and planet Earth.

What ever your child’s favorite interests, click here to see more options of Sticker Books for kids.

Wipe Clean Workbook

Travel Activities for Kids Wipe Clean Workbook

The Wipe Clean: Starting School Workbook is full of essential learning activities to complete and repeat. Using the dry-wipe pen, kids going into Kindergarten and First Grade can practice their writing and counting skills, simple math, telling the time, and lots more. And there is no getting it wrong – they can simply wipe away mistakes and try again. Likewise, if your child is a different age then there is a wide variety of wipe clean books available for various developmental levels.

LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase

The LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase allows your child to organize their LEGO building bricks and take them wherever you go. This LEGO Classic portable building block case houses a world of creativity for kids and includes a selection of colorful LEGO Classic pieces, including, bricks, shapes, wheels and eyes.

Spot It JR. Animals

Travel Activities for Kids - Spot It JR. Animals

Spot It JR. Animals is a Fast Paced action game with Symbol Recognition and Brain: Eye association. The smash hit game adapted for younger children. Each card has 6 colorful animals of different sizes; between any two cards there is always one animal match. This is definitely one of our girls’ favorite games, and the tin canister makes it the perfect family travel activity.

The Purple Cow Magnetic Travel Games

These magnetic travel games are traditional games in new packaging, with simple instructions that make them easy to follow and play! The game board and pieces are magnetic, so these fun kids’ games are ideal whenever you are out traveling or even in the car. Furthermore, The Purple Cow offers a wide selection of travel games for players of all ages. Here’s some of our favorite travel activities for kids age 4 plus.

Silly Scents Twistables Crayons

Travel Activities for Kids Coloring

Each aromatic crayon is ready to scribble and sniff. Silly Scents Twistables Crayons are durable with plastic barrels to protect against breakage.  

Therefore, they never need sharpening, just twist to keep the color going!  So, unleash countless hours of self-expression and imaginative play.

Crayola Epic Book of Awesome Coloring Book

Kids love to color and a coloring book will keep them happy through many long road trips, plane rides or rainy days on family vacation. The Crayola Epic Book of Awesome Coloring Book is a simple and fun travel activity for kids. And a great way for children to stay thoughtfully engaged and entertained while traveling.

The Ultimate Travel Journal For Kids

It’s time to hit the road on your next family adventure – and kids will remember every second of fun-filled adventure. The Ultimate Travel Journal For Kids is packed with journaling prompts so that no memory goes unwritten.

Inside these travel activities for kids, 6-9-year-old’s will find guided prompts to record hopes for their trip, highlights, new discoveries and more. Plus, this journal includes ultra-fun travel activities for kids likes fill-in the blanks and crosswords for endless entertainment.

When you’re back home and bags are unpacked, your little adventurer can always open The Ultimate Travel Journal for Kids and relive every minute of every adventure. Consequently, what a special keepsake that your child will treasure to years to come.

Magic Tree House Books

Magic Tree House Boxed Set

When you travel with kids bring some books that your child / you can read together on your trip. One of our family favorites is this Magic Tree House Book Set which includes a whole series of adventure books for kids. Furthermore, bring your child’s favorite books, as family vacation can be an excellent time to develop your child’s love of reading and books.

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

Kids Travel Activities Fire-7-Kids-Edition-Tablet

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet is available in bluepink or purple. Stream through Wi-Fi or view downloaded content on the go with 16 GB of internal storage and up to 7 hours of reading, browsing the web, watching video, and listening to music. Also add wireless headphones and a protective zipper sleeve for when you’re on the go. And don’t forget to bring the charger for any electronic device!

LilGadgets Untangled PRO Kids Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Travel Activities for Kids Wireless Headphones

These Wireless Headphones are high quality, and compatible with nearly all Bluetooth devices. Offered in six wonderful colors, they are developed, designed, and tested with kids of all ages to ensure durability of the final product while maintaining style and comfort. Certainly they are sized for kids age 4 plus.

Printable Road Trip Games

Travel Activities for Kids

Printable Road Trip Games are an inexpensive way to engage your children in fun activities and help pass the hours on your next family trip.

We have created our own selection of FREE Printable Road Trip Games, which are tried and tested by kids, to provide hours of entertainment on your family travels. Including Road Sign Scavenger Hunt, Coloring Page, Tic Tac Toe, Word Search, License Plate Search Game – and our favorite – Road Trip Bingo.

You can learn more and download our FREE Printable Road Trip Games HERE.

BE Family Travel Tray

We like to use the BE Family Travel Tray to hold our child’s activities. It’s designed to be used with a car seat, but could be adapted on an airplane using the seat-back tray. It is perfect for a drink, snacks, coloring book, crayons, and toys to keep everything within your child’s reach. And includes a tablet holder, pencil case, and large book pocket. There is no need to unload the entire play tray when it’s time to leave, the side pouches zip and fold in to make the perfect storage as an all-in-one Travel Bag. It detaches into two parts and the lower lap tray is great for toddlers. Also available in redblue or pink.

Kids Red car seat travel tray

Travel Activities for Kids Wrap-up

As children get older their attention span increases which makes it easier for them to travel for longer periods of time. It is still important to plan regular breaks throughout your journey to allow children time to stretch their legs and visit the restroom. But being prepared with travel activities for kids will make long journey’s more bearable for you and your children. And before your next family vacation check out our review of the Best Family Travel Games.

Please comment on this post and let me know your favorite travel activities for kids. Furthermore, I’d love to update the list of essential travel activities with items that you love! Tell me one activity your kid won’t leave home without?!

And remember, let’s BE Family so you can enjoy the journey.

Until next time,
💕💖 Ruth

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Best Travel Activities for Kids Age 4-8

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Kids Messenger Bag storage and organization for kids in Car Seat

As an Amazon Associate BE Family Travel earns from qualifying purchases. Learn More

Make travel with kids simple – solutions for family travel.

As parents we are creating products to help end the “are we nearly there yet” boredom, and organize your back-seat for good. BE FAMILY Travel Trays will keep the kid’s activities organized and easy to reach. Parents want products that are durable, easy to clean, and that help make our hectic lives easier.

Therefore, we stand behind all of our BE FAMILY Travel Products with a lifetime guarantee. We pride ourselves on always being available to help you make your next trip more peaceful. Whether it’s across the country, or across town, we want to help you create lasting memories for your family.

Read our posts about navigating airport security with children and what to consider before you travel with a car seat.

Click HERE to BUY our BE Family Travel Tray

Available in red, blue or pink.

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Why did BE Family Travel create a travel tray?

At BE Family Travel we simplify Family Travel for you. We strive to provide you with helpful content, an engaged community, and create products that will help make your next family vacation much easier.

Car seat travel tray for kids

We find one of the greatest challenges for kids on a car ride is boredom. They are strapped in to a seat and can only hold a couple of small things at a time.

As a result they don’t really have a flat place to build Legos, color, drive their toy cars around, or play pretend with their dolls. Where do they put a snack cup without it turning over and making a mess?

Our family found a kids travel lap tray online a few years ago. At first it appeared to be the perfect solution to our back seat dilemma.

We LOVED the idea, but were quickly dismayed by the practicality of the travel trays being offered. Lots were flimsy and smelled awful. Most had to be unloaded, due to the pockets snapping on the back, to be carried from the car to the house. We could not find one SINGLE kids travel lap tray that worked like we thought it should. These other trays actually made life harder, not easier! We set out to change that. 

Click here to BUY our BE Family Travel Tray available in red, blue or pink.

Pink Car Seat Travel Tray for Kids

Kids travel tray to messenger bag in seconds.

Our goal was to create a quality product, that our kids would love to use and that was practical and durable. This mission is what led us to create the BE FAMILY Travel Tray.

Portable Travel tray for kids in car seat

A messenger bag with enough pockets and storage for all your kid’s activities. One that converts to a real snack and play tray in 3 easy steps. Best of all, when you’re ready to leave the car it just folds and zips right up.

It easily goes right back to be a stylish messenger bag, that your child will love and be proud to carry around.

All the other kids car seat travel trays we could find make you snap the pockets on the back of the bag. Therefore the other bags looked sloppy, and what can you do with all the STUFF that was in the side pockets?

kids car seat travel tray with fold in side pockets

These other travel trays were so much hassle. They would require you to unload both huge side pockets before it would zip up.

This made no sense to us as parents. We needed a simple all-in-one option to keep all of our kids activities together in one convenient place.

So, we created BE FAMILY Travel Trays to feature the unique design of easy fold-in side pouches that zip to secure the contents.

For more tips and tricks on Simplifying a Road trip with Kids, check out this helpful post.

Organized the back seat with our car seat travel tray

Our BE Family Travel Trays will allow your child to pack up all the needed items for a trip across town, across the country, or across the ocean. For more helpful advice read our posts about simplifying a road trip with kids or how to get your car ready for your next road trip.

The zip closed side pockets with our unique flip in to close design, will allow for a lot of storage. From crayons to matchbox cars there is a place for everything your child desires.

The mesh pouches are easy to reach for quick grabs like snacks, sunglasses, or a small doll. The mesh is easy to see through so you won’t lose those little figurines, hair ties, or stray pretzels in those deeper pouches. There is also a large book pocket. Perfect for reading material, work books, homework papers, comic books, or magazines. Easy to access at anytime, located along the front of the bag beneath the lap tray.

Car Seat Travel Tray for Kids

Click here to BUY our BE Family Travel Tray available in red, blue or pink.

A travel tray keeps all activities easily accessible for kids.

There is the large tablet holder with 9.5” x 6.75” protective PVC touch screen. This is designed to fit most tablets, even some with their cases on. However, it does not fit most portable DVD players, it is only designed for tablets.

Below the tablet holder there is a high quality pencil case with a zipper for securing markers, pencils, and pens safely but with easy access when needed.

The snaps on the BE Family Travel Tray are upgraded to the best possible snaps we could find. We were frustrated with cheap plastic snaps breaking and coming loose on other trays. We also spared no expense on the zipper pulls and used the best and most solid we could find anywhere. Your BE Family Travel Tray will keep your back seat organized and your kids busy and entertained for long periods of time.

Click here to BUY our BE Family Travel Tray available in red, blue or pink.

We designed our BE Family Travel tray to quickly and easily remove from the headrest.

Best Car Seat Travel Tray for Kids

Then unique to only our BE Family tray both zippered side pockets flip inside.

No need to remove the items from inside the pockets. Just zip the pockets closed and flip inside. Then zip the bag closed while resting comfortably on your child’s lap and stow away during a break in the journey.

Alternatively, they can throw the messenger bag over their shoulder. This will conveniently carry all of their fun travel activities with them to the next location, in a neat and orderly fashion.

Finally – a kids car seat travel tray that has everything.

The BE Family Travel Tray will be your child’s favorite bag. They can pack up all their activities, toys, and even school work; quickly and easily toss over their shoulder and head out the door. It is a stylish and sharp looking bag that they will be proud to be seen carrying around. The large padded carry strap is comfortable for carrying over the shoulder. Created with a tough, yet easy to clean material this travel tray will go the distance.

The car seat travel tray with variety

Most of the travel trays we looked at online were all one color. As we well know from having two young girls, that not all kids have the same taste. Of course when they do, we still like for them to have different colors to limit the whose is this one questions. We offer a variety of colors. Currently with 3 very popular variations of the same travel tray to choose from. In this case, BE Family offers you child plenty of options to suit their individual preference.

Click here to BUY our BE Family Travel Tray available in red, blue or pink.

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What do parents say about our BE Family Travel Tray?

I won’t travel without this
Amazon.com review
BE Family Travel - Kids Car Seat Travel Lap Tray - Toddler Snack and Play Tray - Child Messenger Bag - Car Backseat Organizer with Unique Fold-in “No Need to Unload Again” Side Pockets with Zipper.

This worked great for my three year old. She wasn’t quite tall enough to reach the top pockets but she’s three so that happens. Some one commented that they wanted it to fold up, I used the buckle that goes around the seat and clipped it around the head rest so it folded up out of the way. iPads don’t work if they’re in a bully case but easily fixed. I’m so glad I got this for her. Kept her busy!

What do YOU say about our BE Family Travel Tray?

We love feedback! Because feedback helps us, as parents, to create products perfect for other parents. Our heart at BE Family Travel is to simplify family travel. In order to do that we rely on our community to help us design and create fantastic products and content. Hence, one way you can help us, if you buy or have bought, a BE Family Travel Tray from Amazon please consider leaving us a review and feedback. Click here to review BE Family Travel Tray.

Another way you can provide feedback is to comment on this blog. We always love to hear from our community on the Socials as BE Family Travel. On Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. In order for us to see and hear your feedback please consider following us and reaching out and engaging with us.

Together we can BE Family and enjoy the journey. 💕

Until next time,


BE Family Travel

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Car Seat Travel Tray

Click here to BUY our BE Family Travel Tray available in red, blue or pink.

BE Family Products Inc. or (BE Family Travel) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Using any of the links in this blog post does NOT cost you anything but does help us big time to support the continued content creation on this blog. Thank you so much for partnering with us, let’s BE Family.

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