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There’s arguably nothing better than spending the day with friends and family at the beach. Soaking up the sun, jumping in the sea, enjoying refreshing beverages, and tucking into a picnic are great fun.

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However, we do have to take a lot with us. One of the most important things we take with us is a beach blanket. Beach blankets offer us plenty of comfort and versatility.

They can be used to keep sand off us, give us somewhere cozy to sit, dry off after being in the sea, and used to keep sand away from our food. The only issue we have with beach blankets is finding the best one. The market is oversaturated with options. That’s where we come in!

To help you find the best beach blanket, we’ve scoured the market and compiled a list of the best options. In this article, we’ll show you what we found.

Let’s get started!

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Best Beach Blankets

The Top 7 Beach Blankets

1. Seaview 180° Sand Free Beach Blanket

Seaview 180° Sand Free Beach Blanket. Extra Large 7' x 9' Beach Blanket Waterproof Sandproof. Compact Sandproof Beach Mat Made of Durable Parachute Nylon

Best Overall

We’ll kickstart our list with what we believe to be the best beach blanket on the market. As far as comfort, ease of use, and reliability go, this beach blanket from Seaview takes some beating. 

Affordably priced, this blanket’s best feature is arguably its size. At 7 x 9 feet, this blanket offers plenty of space for the family.

In fact, it offers 63 square feet of space. This is great for those who don’t like sand as it will keep it away from us effortlessly. 

We appreciated how this blanket also comes with four sand anchor pockets. This helps keep the blanket tied down during windier conditions. We can then put all our beach gear, food, and drink on the blanket, knowing it won’t blow away.

In terms of comfort, this Seaview beach blanket is made out of nylon. We found that the nylon was extremely comfortable and durable. The only downside was that it wasn’t very breathable. 

An added bonus that comes with this beach blanket is the addition of storage pockets. These pockets make it easier for you to store your keys, wallet, and phone while you enjoy the beach.


  • Large – This blanket offers 63 square feet of sand-free space.
  • Affordable – This beach blanket is fairly priced.
  • Built-in anchors – Easily keep the blanket in place.


  • Not very breathable – This blanket doesn’t wick away sweat very well.

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2. Camco Handy Mat With Strap

Camco Handy Mat with Strap, Perfect for Picnics, Beaches, RV and Outings, Weather-Proof and Resistant (Blue/Green - 60' x 78') - 42805

Best Budget-Friendly Beach Blanket

Another fantastic beach blanket is the handy mat with a strap from Camco. The first thing we have to mention about this blanket is its design.

This blanket looks and feels great. It features a vibrant rainbow design and is made from a weatherproof, resistant material designed to last.

The Camco handy mat is a brilliant budget-friendly option that has a lot to offer. Aside from offering durability, versatility, and comfort, this blanket is also one of the easiest to use regarding portability.

This blanket conveniently folds up into a small carry bag. Once folded, the blankets handles can easily transport the blanket from A to B. This is pleasing, considering the blanket is big enough to seat four people comfortably. 

In terms of size, this blanket is 51” by 59” when open and 3” by 8.5” by 13” when folded. It only weighs 1.2 lbs. 

When we reviewed this blanket, we were impressed with its overall durability and design. We also liked the small storage pockets that can hold essential items.


  • Water-resistant – This blanket has a water-resistant bottom.
  • Comfortable – The handy mat is soft and comfortable to sit on.
  • Portable – Easily transport the blanket using the carry handles.


  • No anchor holes – This blanket isn’t as easy to tie down.

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3. Authentic Mexican Blanket

Benevolence LA Authentic Handwoven Mexican Blanket, Yoga Blanket - Perfect Outdoor Picnic Blanket, Camping Blanket, Equestrian Saddle Blanket, Serape Blanket 50x70 inches - Coral, Pack of 1

Best Versatile Beach Blanket

Next up, we have a blanket that is perfect for anyone looking for a versatile option. This authentic Mexican blanket from Benevolence LA is much more than just a beach blanket.

Thanks to its premium handwoven serape design, this beach blanket can be used almost anywhere.

This makes it the perfect choice for anyone that needs a blanket with more than one purpose. Once you’ve done using the blanket at the beach, you can also use the bag for yoga classes, picnics in the park, camping with kids, and hikes.

Aside from being extremely versatile, it’s also worth noting that this blanket is extremely cozy. Made to a high standard, this high-quality blanket is soft, lightweight, and breathable. It also features a unique and super stylish Aztec design.

In terms of size, this blanket is big enough for two people, making it a great choice for couples. As if all that wasn’t enough, this authentic Mexican blanket is also machine washable.

For every blanket bought, Benevolence LA donates to their charity partner, “Water Mission.” What’s not to like?


  • Stylish – This blanket looks awesome.
  • Versatile – The authentic Mexican blanket is more than just a beach blanket.
  • Variety of designs available – There are 15 different designs to choose from.


  • Not family size – This blanket isn’t suitable for larger families.

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4. CGEAR The Original Sand-Free Outdoor Camping Mat

CGEAR The Original Sand-Free Outdoor Camping Mat – Patented Technology, Water-Resistant and Anti-Fade Material, Military-Grade Construction – Multi Use Outdoor Blanket

Best Heavy-Duty Beach Blanket

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty beach blanket that won’t let you down, look no further than the CGEAR original sand-free outdoor camping mat.

Designed with heavy use in mind, this blanket is made from the very best materials. In fact, the materials used to make it was initially developed for the military.

The best thing about this blanket has to be its ability to keep sand, dust, and dirt out. We have the tightly-woven material to thank for that. In addition, this blanket features a polypropylene coating. This helps to offer an ultimate sand-free experience. 

All you have to do to remove any sand is give the blanket a quick shake. The CGEAR beach blanket is also resistant to water. This allows for a much more enjoyable and comfortable experience after your swim. 

The color of this blanket never fades either because it is resistant to UV damage. These features all help ensure the blanket offers long-lasting performance and durability. We greatly appreciated the addition of ring hooks to keep the blanket in place. 


  • Range of sizes – This blanket is available in various sizes.
  • Durable – The CGEAR sand-free beach blanket was made to last.
  • Easily carried – The blanket can be folded into a carry bag.


  • Bulky – This blanket is quite bulky.

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5. Cotton Craft Beach Blanket Towel

COTTON CRAFT Oversized Extra Wide XL Beach Blanket Towel for Two 58 x 68-100% Cotton Velour - Big & Huge - Pool Picnic Bath Jacquard Thick Plush Super Soft Luxury - 450 GSM - Cabana Stripe Blue Green

Best Quick Dry Beach Blanket Towel

The next beach blanket on our list is perfect for anyone that needs a two-in-on blanket that doubles up as a beach towel. This Cotton Craft blanket towel features a reliable, high-quality design that makes it much easier for us to enjoy the beach.

After a swim in the sea, we can easily dry ourselves off with the towel before taking a seat without getting covered in sand. Featuring a Copacabana design, this colorful beach blanket towel is 58 x 68 inches in size. This makes it possible for two people to sit comfortably on the blanket.

This Cotton Craft beach blanket is crafted using a yarn-dye technique that increases durability, ensuring the blanket retains color after each wash. The cotton used to make the blanket has quick-drying properties, making your experience much more enjoyable.

When drying yourself off after a swim, you’ll appreciate how soft this blanket is. It is designed to be comfortable on the skin and smooth. It won’t irritate your skin, as it is made from high-quality cotton.


  • Two-in-one – Use this blanket as a blanket and towel.
  • Soft – This blanket feels comfortable on your skin.
  • Quick-drying – You won’t have to sit on a wet towel all day.


  • Sheds after machine drying – This blanket doesn’t stand up well to drying in a drying machine.

6. Wellax Sand-Free Beach Blanket

WELLAX Beach Blanket Waterproof Sandproof, Lightweight Beach Mat for 8 Persons 9x10 ft, with 8 Pockets, 4 Stakes, Great for Picnic, Camping, Travel and Outdoor

Best for Families

The Wellax sand-free beach blanket is arguably the best beach blanket for families on the market. It is large in size, comfortable, and incredibly priced.

Measuring a whopping 9 x 10 feet, this beach blanket offers families 90 square feet of sand-free space. You could easily seat seven people on this blanket and still have some space left for your picnic. 

To ensure this blanket offers ultimate comfort, Wellax has used a lightweight parachute nylon material. This material is smooth, soft, quick-drying, and comfortable.

The blanket also comes with a handful of neat features. The best of these include the four sand pockets for storing belongings and four sand anchors to keep the blanket in place.

Despite being an extremely large beach blanket, the Wellax sand-free bag is surprisingly easy to carry. It can be folded down to 4 x 8 inches in size and stored in a handy travel pouch. The blanket only weighs 1 lb, too, making it very easy to carry in a beach bag.

We also like to use this blanket as a car seat cover on the way back from the beach.


  • Family size – This bag is perfect for families.
  • Lightweight – The Wellax sand-free bag only weighs 1 lb.
  • Portable – Fold the bag down and place it in the carry pouch for easy transportation.


  • Gets hot – This blanket can get hot in the sun.

7. UrbanEco Beach Blanket

URBANECO OUTDOORS Lightweight Beach Blanket - Oversized 107' x 77' - Waterproof Sandproof - Double Anchored for Fun Leisure Beach Blanket - with Stake and Pouch - Durable Sand Beach Mat

Best Water Resistant Bech Blanket

The final beach blanket on our list is the UrbanEco beach blanket. This vibrant beach blanket is one of the best on the market regarding water resistance.

Available in a range of colorful patterns, this blanket is reasonably priced, large, and comfortable. It offers excellent sand resistance, plenty of space, and neat zipper storage that you can use to store phones, wallets, and keys whilst you have fun in the sea. 

Thanks to the blanket’s water resistance, you don’t have to worry about sitting on a wet blanket all day. This feature also makes it easier to remove any stray sand. Simply shake the blanket off.

We love the blanket’s double-anchored design. This design ensures the blanket stays in place in windier conditions. To keep the blanket in place, UrbanEco gives you six plastic stakes with your order. 

To make everything much easier, a helpful carry bag is included with your order. This makes it incredibly easy to store and carry not only the blanket but the stakes as well.


  • Cool design – This blanket looks great.
  • Large – The UrbanEco beach blanket is 107 x 77 inches in size.
  • Stakes included – The blanket comes with six anchor stakes. 


  • Gets hot in the sun – This blanket can also get hot in the sun.

Buyer’s Guide

Now you know what the market offers; you can start thinking about the beach blanket you need to buy. Before you rush into a decision, there are several things you need to think about.

To help out, we’ve put together a simple buyer’s guide that looks at the most important factors you need to consider. Taking each factor into account will ensure you make the best decision when choosing a beach blanket.


One of the most important things to think about is the size of the beach blanket you need. Everyone has different needs.

If you plan on visiting the beach with your partner, you might only need a two-person blanket. However, if you have a larger family and children, you will need something bigger.

The best way to think about it is to think about how many people need to sit on the blanket and then allow some extra space for food, beach essentials, and other baby beach accessories.

Other Uses

It is probably worth considering what else you want or need to use the blanket for. If you simply want a beach blanket and nothing else, this doesn’t really matter. However, if you want a blanket that offers more, keep an eye out for a more versatile blanket.

Some beach blankets can double up as a towel, while others can be used for hiking, yoga, and picnics. If this is something that suits you, make sure you read the product descriptions carefully. We also use our family beach blanket at our kid’s soccer games to provide somewhere for our younger children to sit while watching the match.


Beach blankets are made from a wide range of different materials. While most fabrics used to make beach blankets are reliable, not all of them are suitable.

With that in mind, you need to make sure the blanket you choose is made from the very best materials. Generally speaking, the best beach blankets are made out of materials like water-resistant polyester, parachute nylon, fleece, and microfiber. 

Best Beach Blanket

Even the more robust, rugged beach blankets are made out of softer fabrics. To identify the fabrics used to make a beach blanket, you should read product descriptions and reviews. Here, you’ll find information regarding how the blanket is made and how well it performs. 

Anchor Pockets

We strongly recommend choosing a beach blanket that comes with anchor pockets. Anchor pockets are designed to help you pin down a blanket. This is important because it helps ensure the blanket doesn’t blow away in the wind. 

This is particularly important when you leave the blanket to go into the sea. The last thing you want to come back to is your blanket and belongings further up the beach. If a blanket doesn’t have anchor pockets, hook rings and stakes work perfectly too.

Storage Space

It’s always nice to have somewhere to keep your belongings safe. A beach blanket can offer you this with zipper pockets or storage sleeves. As a result, we also recommend looking for a beach blanket that has some sort of storage capabilities. 

You may also consider using one of these beach tents to create shade and provide privacy with an area to store your belongings on a beach blanket.


Finally, portability is super important when choosing the right beach blanket. You could end up carrying your blanket a long way to the beach; therefore, it has to be easy to transport. Ideally, you will choose a blanket that can be folded and stored in a bag or a beach blanket with a carry strap.

Luckily, many blankets can be folded and turned into a carry bag. Others even come with their own carry bag. These two features are incredibly important if you want a hassle-free experience, so keep your eyes peeled.

Tips for Visiting the Beach with Children

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean A Beach Blanket?

How you clean your beach blanket depends on how the blanket is made. Some blankets are designed to go in the washing machine, while others must be washed by hand.

With that in mind, you should always check the manufacturer’s guidelines first. Always shake your blanket off first before washing it, though, as this will remove any loose dirt, dust, or sand.

Are Mexican Beach Blankets Good?

Yes, Mexican beach blankets are great. They feature a tightly-woven design that won’t trap any sand like other blankets. This makes it much easier to brush sand off and clean the blanket. This type of blanket is also very stylish and comfortable. 

Should You Take A Blanket To The Beach?

Yes, you can’t go wrong when you take a blanket to the beach. They give you somewhere comfortable, clean, and sand-free to kick back and relax.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a comprehensive list of the best beach blankets available on the market. In this article, we’ve shown you what you can expect from each blanket and what to look for when deciding which beach blanket to purchase. We’ve also answered some frequently asked questions.

You should now know exactly what to expect when it comes to finding the best and most comfortable beach blanket.

Using our buyer’s guide for help, you should now try and narrow our list down and identify the beach blanket that suits your needs best. We’re sure you’ll be happy with whichever blanket you choose.

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