How Many Days For Disney World?

Planning a trip to Disney World, Orlando? If it’s your first time visiting, then you’ll want to make the most of your time in the parks. But not everyone has the money and the vacation days to explore every inch of Disney World!

So, how many days do you need for a vacation to Disney World? We recommend at least four days but stay for more than seven if you really want to do it all. With that said, you can see a lot of Disney World in just two days!

In this guide, we’ve looked at how many days you need to spend in Disney World, Orlando, and how to spend your time wisely!

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How Many Days For Disney World?

How Many Days For Disney World, Orlando?

Families can spend anywhere from one day to two weeks in Disney World, Orlando. We recommend at least 4 to 5 days to really explore, with 7 to 10 days being an almost perfect amount of time.

How Many Days Do You Need In Each Disney World Park?

If you want to make the most of every park, then we recommend at least one day in each. This will allow plenty of time to try the rides, meet your favorite characters, and still stop for something to eat and drink. 

Some families choose to use the Park Hopper and travel back and forth between parks. This is a good way to see more in a shorter space of time, but you might find you spend too much time traveling between the parks and not enough time in the actual parks!

How Many Days Do You Need At Magic Kingdom?

The Magic Kingdom is the star of Disney World, Orlando! If you have toddlers, preschoolers, or elementary-aged children, you don’t want to miss this park. It has an excellent variety of rides, some amazing character meet and greets, and the best parades. 

To see it all, you need at least two days at Magic Kingdom. This will also give you some time to soak up the atmosphere. 

You can see a lot of Magic Kingdom in a day, but make sure to get there early and stick around late to see the fireworks

How Many Days Do You Need At Epcot?

How much time you want to spend in Epcot will depend on exactly what you want to do in Epcot. For families who want to explore the rides, you can enjoy Epcot in a day. For adults who want to sample the food and drink at the World Showcase, we recommend two days.

The World Showcase is one of the major attractions at Epcot, featuring food, drinks, and atmosphere from different parts of the globe. Kids enjoy the World Showcase, but adults love it thanks to its cuisine.

How Many Days Do You Need At Animal Kingdom?

There’s some debate around the best amount of time to spend at Animal Kingdom. Some feel it’s a two-day park, others think one, and some believe you can do Animal Kingdom in just half a day!

Animal Kingdom lacks the quality of rides you’d find in other parks (although Expedition Everest is amazing for a classic rollercoaster, and Flight of Passage is unmissable).

But it does have exceptional dining and a chance to get close to real live animals on the safari.

How Many Days For Disney World?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, animal lovers should try to spend two days at Animal Kingdom. If you prefer the rides, you can do Animal Kingdom in less than a day. Make sure to arrive early while it’s cool so you can see the animals before they take a nap during the hotter part of the day.

How Many Days Do You Need At Hollywood Studios?

Hollywood Studios used to be an easy one-day park, but recent additions have made this a park worth spending a little more time in. Particularly if you’re a Star Wars fan!

Hollywood Studios is home to some of the very best rides in Disney World, Orlando (and the long lines to go with them). Check out these Printable Disney Games to help entertain your children while waiting in line at Disney.

If you’re visiting with little children, you can explore Hollywood Studios in a day. But if you’re here for the rides, Hollywood Studios should be given at least two full days.

Other Parks And Attractions

Don’t forget Disney Springs! You can spend an entire day at Disney Springs, exploring the shops and sampling the food. For a short stay, head to Disney Springs in the evening.

And Disney also has its own water parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. If you have limited time in the parks, we recommend skipping the water parks.

If you’re visiting Disney for seven days or more during warmer weather, visiting the water parks is a great way to unwind between busy park trips. 

Is Two Days Enough For Disney World?

You can enjoy a lot of Disney World in two days, but you must plan carefully! For a two-day trip, we recommend skipping a park (or two) and staying in a Disney property to make the most of early openings. Consider adding the park hopper so you can visit multiple Disney parks in a limited time.

Tips And Tricks For Deciding The Right Amount Of Time For Disney World

Everyone likes to vacation in their own way, so no set amount of time is just right for Disney World. But there are some tips and tricks to remember when planning the perfect vacation.

  • Research what you want to do and where you want to go before you start choosing dates. This can help you decide how long you’ll need for each park. 
  • It’s worth investing in Genie+ and Lighting Lane passes. Lighting Lane passes can be purchased to speed through queues at certain attractions (like the now-defunct FastPass). This means you can make the most of your limited time.
  • Remember that you can’t do it all! Disney World is massive, and there are going to be some things that you can’t fit in, no matter how long your stay is! 
  • Have fun! Don’t get so caught up trying to fit it all in that you forget to enjoy yourself. 
  • Get our Disney World Planning Guide with Printable Worksheets to help your family plan a fun, easy, stress-free, and magical vacation to Walt Disney World.
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There is much to do at Disney World (see also, ‘How Big is Disney World?’)! From the rides to the character meet and greets, to the shows, to the delicious food, to the shops, we could keep on going!

If you want to do it all, prepare for a long stay. But you can have a good time in just a handful of days, as long as you plan!

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