Visiting The London Eye With Children: Complete Guide

The London Eye, it’s a rather well-known London attraction, together with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, and is one of the most recognizable landmarks of the London skyline. If you have youngsters who can walk freely, you MUST include a visit to the London Eye in your tour plans while visiting London with children. 

This blog post will go over some of the greatest activities for families at The London Eye and address some of the most often-asked questions about visiting the London Eye with children.

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Visiting The London Eye With Children

What’s the History Of the London Eye?

It is also known as the millennium wheel, situated on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. It happens to be the tallest stanchion observed wheel; it is also the most popular tourist attraction in the United Kingdom, with 3 million visitors annually. 

London Eye was designed by the husband-and-wife team of Julia Barfield and David Marks of Marks Barfield Architects. The Eye’s rim is supported by steel cables and resembles a massive spoked bicycle wheel.

The wheel’s hub rests on two supports, anchored to a foundation on the riverbank at an angle of 65 degrees. British Airways, Marks Barfield, and the Tussauds Group were the original owners of The London Eye.

When London Eye Was Built?

It was built in 1999 and officially opened on 31st December, celebrating the new millennium, by the then Prime Minister Tony Blair. It then opened to the public in March 2000. The London Eye structure is 135 meters (443 feet) tall and with a diameter of 120 meters (394 feet).

But, how large is the London Eye? It has 32 passenger capsules, one for each of the London Boroughs; each capsule can hold up to 25 people, a total of 800 people per rotation. It was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world from 1999 until 2006, when it was surpassed by The Star of Nanchang, China.

The London Eye ride lasts 30 minutes, one full rotation, and travels at a speed of about 0.6 miles per hour. The Eye was initially planned to be dismantled and transported to a new location. It had five years of planning permission and was kept in place owing to its persistent popularity.

Should You Visit The London Eye with Children?

Visiting London Eye with kids has been considered to be fun. It will also be a great experience the kids will love. The capsules are buggy-friendly, and the stroller can fit in easily. London Eye has child tickets; under four are free, and those under 15 years are cost-effective.

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Visiting The London Eye with kids

Visiting The London Eye with kids. Here is what to know.

When visiting the London Eye with kids, here are 5 Facts about the London Eye that you should know:

1. Opening Hours:

Except for Christmas Day, the London Eye is open every day. The seasonal hours range from 11:45 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. in the winter to 10:45 a.m. until 7:45 p.m. in the summer. During the autumn season, the London Eye is open from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Please double-check the London Eye opening times before your visit.

2. No bathrooms on the capsule:

One must use washrooms before boarding as there are no bathrooms in the capsule. In the London ticket office are male and female and accessible toilet facilities and baby changing facilities.

3. No food Is allowed in the capsule:

Only bottled water is permitted; however, no hot food and alcohol are allowed onto the London Eye unless the adults who are partaking in the champagne experience are accompanied by one of the champagne hosts. 

In case of a medical condition requiring you to bring food or drink, please inform the London Eye Customer Service Team in advance so that their security teams are aware.

4 Strollers are allowed on the ride:

Are Strollers allowed on The London Eye? Strollers are allowed on the ride. However, they must remain completely folded or closed throughout the experience. You can also check the stroller with the staff as an option.

5. Tickets have timed entry:

Tickets at The London Eye must be pre-booked online with timed entry to guarantee entry at your chosen time slot.

When are Peak Times or Quieter Times to Visit?

The UK school holidays are some of the busiest times to visit The London Eye. Whereas one of the quieter times to visit The London Eye are during the beginning and end of its opening hours, these vary throughout the year.

London Eye is considered to be one of the most popular tourist attractions across the world. The busiest times are between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m

Information about Tickets to London Eye

Family Attractions in London

When visiting London Eye with children, it is essential to have an idea about tickets to London Eye as follows:

Family standard ticket: 

How much is a family ticket for London Eye? At London Eye, a Family Standard Ticket is from £26 per person and requires a minimum of 1 adult and two children. Pre-book tickets to London Eye to save up to 10% and guarantee entry.

Receive a London Eye family discount code when you book multi-attraction tickets.

What are London Eye children’s prices? Children under the age of four are admitted free of charge. However, they must have a ticket entry which can be collected from the ticket office located opposite the London Eye.

Children’s tickets for the London Eye can be purchased alongside adult tickets and those aged 4 to 15 pay slightly less than adults. Please note that kids aged 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult, age 18 plus.

Standard children tickets: 

On the day tickets, the price of a Standard Ticket is from £33 per child or £36 per adult. The online ticket price is from £29.50 per child or £32.50 per adult. This gives you standard entry in a selected time slot.

Booking tickets online in advance will help you avoid the long queues at the ticket office. There is also a priority access option if you have a flexible budget and value your free time because of a very tight schedule. 

Get the Fast Track Ticket option with priority access to The London Eye that allows you to avoid the long queues at the foot of the wheel. With this ticket, you get quicker entry and can also book a selected time slot for access to the wheel.

Fast Track Ticket: On-the-day ticket pricing is from £46.50 per child or £51 per adult. The online ticket price is from £41.50 per child or £46 per adult.

A Flexi Fast Track Ticket is available from $55 per adult. This allows you to visit anytime on the day of your choice and priority entry through the dedicated Fast Track entrance.

Pre-book London Eye tickets online to guarantee entry and save! You may be able to find cheaper ticket options for The London Eye from Helloticket than at the ticket office. 

What Are London Eye Reservations?

You can get the most premium tickets if you want to treat yourself and your loved ones to a romantic moment at The London Eye or surprise them with a romantic moment.

For £55, you can buy a premium ticket on the website to see the spectacular views of the city skyline from above. A Champagne Experience includes a Fast Track entry through a dedicated entrance. You will enjoy the ride while sipping a delicious glass of Pommery Brut Royal champagne served by a host.

A Private Pod is available from £625, and you can book a cabin exclusively for you and up to 25 guests.

Other Attractions near the London Eye

Central London Attractions for Families

The London Eye has other attractions nearby that families will enjoy, such as Shrek’s Adventure and the Sea Life Centre London Aquarium. Older children may be interested in visiting The London Dungeon. And other attractions near the London Eye include:

1. Boat Tour

A boat tour is the first attraction after riding on the London Eye with children. The London Eye Pier is directly beneath The London Eye, making it an excellent location for sightseeing tours and city cruises.

Here you can relax on a London river cruise and soak in the rest of the tourist sights. You will have an incredible view from the river and hop off at the end of the Thames or go round in a circular motion back to where you started.

2. Big Ben

It is the most iconic clock tower in the world. It is situated just across the river from The London Eye. You can stroll across Westminster Bridge and enjoy the beautiful views of Parliament and Big Ben along the way. It is a perfect place or area to take selfie photos.

3. Stroll along the Embankment

Especially on a sunny day, nothing feels better than taking that leisure stroll along the embankment. 

Even if it’s pouring outside, there’s still a chance you’ll get a breathtaking glimpse of one of the city’s most famous attractions. Along the way, there are many interesting things to enjoy, such as buildings, cafes, and historical sites.

4. Carousel Near London Eye

Carousel Near London Eye

There is an excellent playground at Jubilee Gardens and a carousel near London Eye. The Golden Carousel London, situated on the London Southbank in Queen’s Walk, London, is a traditional carousel nearby for all ages and costs only £3. This was a highlight for my children during our visit to London.

Best Restaurants Near London Eye

After having a wonderful experience at The London Eye, we wanted to try new dishes and delicacies in London. 

We went to Between the Bridges on the South Bank. It offers indoor and outdoor seating, 8-street food vendors, craft beer, cocktails, and live entertainment. You must be over 18 to enter on Friday and Saturday nights, but from Sunday to Thursday, everyone is welcome!

Best Restaurants Near London Eye

If your family’s dining pallet is more adventurous, then consider trying these other dining options, which include some of the best restaurants near the London Eye.

  • Sheekey Restaurant (St Martin’s Ct) in the heart of London’s theatre land serves fish, Oysters, caviar, shellfish Bisque, and seasonal game dishes.
  • OKAN South Bank is an Osaka-style Japanese Restaurant that serves Japanese tapas dishes, curries, and soup noodles.
  • La Barca has offered Italian flavors and food to London for almost 50 years. It has more than 15 meat dishes alone; some dishes are flamed at the table.
  • Bao Fa Garden Chinese Restaurant (The Queen’s Walk SE1) has river views and serves imperial Beijing cuisine.

Final Verdict

Visiting the London Eye with kids is a wonderful experience; with an annual total of 3 million tourists, it has become one of the city’s top attractions. The London Eye offers so much to see for youngsters from a birdseye perspective across the city skyline. 

I hope this guide assists you in planning your visit to the London Eye with children. And you will have as much fun discovering the history and taking in the views there as our family did. Thanks for reading!

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Visit The London Eye with Kids
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