Travel Gifts for Mom: Holiday Gift Guide

Are you looking for gift ideas for someone who loves travel? Finding the perfect gifts for a mom who likes to travel can feel daunting, especially if it seems your female traveler has what she needs. However, this holiday gift guide is packed with what to get someone who loves travel. Choose one of these travel gifts for mom and you’ll put a smile on her face, we guarantee it!

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If you’re a mom who loves to travel then share this travel gift guide with your loved ones who are looking for travel gift ideas for mom. Our guide includes travel gifts for Mother’s Day, Christmas travel gifts for mom, and the most popular birthday gift ideas for moms who love to travel.

Traveling with your family is a great way to spend time together, reconnect with your loved ones, and make special memories with your children. So, before you head out on a family vacation make sure you review our travel gift guide and choose some of the best travel gifts for Mom.

You may also be interested in our articles about the 10 Most Popular Travel Gifts for Dad, or our Guide to Choosing the Best Travel Gifts for Kids. And if you’re looking for less stuff and more memories check out our Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids.

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Best Travel Gifts for Mom

What are the best travel gifts for mom? Our holiday gift guide for moms includes popular travel items such as luggage, travel accessories, bags and organizers, clothing, toiletries, travel containers, safety items, travel guides, and more.

Planning a family getaway where a mom can enjoy special time with her family is another great gift idea for moms that love travel. But, if you are looking for physical travel gift ideas for mom, keep reading.

Find the perfect travel gift for your mom this holiday season with our travel gift guide.

Guide to the Most Popular Travel Gifts for Mom

Here is our guide to over 20 most popular travel gift ideas for Mom, so you can be prepared this holiday season with what to get someone who loves travel.

1. Mini Travel Jewelry Organizer Clutch Bag

Mini Travel Jewelry Organizer Clutch Bag travel gifts for mom

Vlando Travel Jewelry Organizer is the perfect travel companion for every woman. The mini-size and lightweight jewelry storage bag are designed to hold necklaces, rings, earrings, and other jewelry pieces in one place. This is a good travel gift for mom so she doesn’t have to worry about losing any jewelry when traveling. It can easily be placed in a purse or luggage during travel. You can also use the Vlando travel jewelry organizer as a clutch bag to carry lipstick! Available in different colors with different leather patterns.

2. Travel Jewelry Organizer Roll

Travel Jewelry Organizer Roll

The TANTO Travel Jewelry Organizer Roll with Zipper Pockets is a larger option for storing more jewelry while traveling. It is still a portable, lightweight, and compact size that is easy to slip into a backpack, tote, purse, or luggage for your next trip. This jewelry storage case comes with 10 pockets in various sizes to store necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings all in one safe place. Keep all of your jewelry organized while traveling and prevent your accessories from becoming tangled or scratched. Made of deluxe waterproof nylon material and anti-scratch polyester padded interior. Featured here in black, but available in a variety of colors. This travel jewelry organizer is a great gift idea for a mom who loves to travel!

3. Electronics Organizer Travel Case

Electronics Organizer Travel Case travel gifts for mom

The BAGSMART Electronic Organizer is a handy travel accessory to have with you on your next vacation. Keep all of your cords in one place without them getting tangled! This organizer bag has five elastic loops, one mesh zippered pocket, and 5 elasticized mesh segments to help keep all of your cables, chargers, USB drives, power bank, and mouse in place. The dimensions are 9.4 x 6.7 x 1.4 inches which is perfect for packing into any suitcase or backpack for traveling needs (see also, ‘How to Pack a Backpack for Travelling‘)! This is the ideal gift idea if you’re looking for practical travel gifts for a mom who loves to travel! Featured in soft pink, and available in several other colors.

4. Travel Guide Gift for Mom

Travel Guide Gift for Mom

50 States, 5,000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do. This richly illustrated book from the travel experts at National Geographic showcases the best travel experiences in every state. Sites include national parks, beaches, hotels, museums, and more. You’ll discover the world’s longest yard sale in Tennessee, swamp tours in Louisiana, dinosaur trails in Colorado, America’s oldest street in NYC, and many more! In addition to 50 states, there is a section on Canadian provinces and territories. This travel guide book is a popular gift for moms who love to travel and plan adventures and family vacations.

5. Cosmetics Bag – Travel Make Up Pouch

Cosmetics Bag - Travel Make Up Pouch

This Mama Bear Cosmetics Bag is a travel makeup pouch that’s perfect for travel, vacations, business trips, and the gym. This travel makeup organizer can store cosmetics, toiletries, or even electronics, so you can stay organized while traveling! The size of this travel makeup pouch is 10 x 7.5 x 2 inches which will fit easily in any suitcase or backpack. Ideal gift idea for the mom who loves to travel!

6. Toiletries Bag with hanging hook

Toiletries Bag with hanging hook

The BAGSMART Travel Toiletry Bag is a great gift idea for moms who love to travel. If you are looking for practical travel gifts, this durable and spacious travel toiletry bag will hold all of your bathroom needs. The large capacity can hold 12.6 x 9.1 x 4.3 inches (rolled) which expands up to 12.6 x 33.5 inches (open). This means that it’s perfect for packing into any suitcase and can fit toiletries for your entire family!

Included in the four separate compartments are zip and back open pocket which provides excellent organization abilities with easy access to find what you’re looking for quickly! The transparent sides make it easy to see what’s inside, and the travel bag is water-resistant with sturdy stitching. With its heavy-duty material, this travel toiletry bag will not get damaged if items are stacked on top.

The travel cosmetic bag has a convenient swivel non-slip metal hanging hook for versatile hanging options. This travel toiletry bag provides great protection, is easy to carry, and is travel-friendly. Making it a great gift idea for someone who travels a lot. Featured in Baby Pink. Available in a variety of color options, and also in medium and large sizes.

7. TSA Approved Travel Bottles Set

TSA Approved Travel Bottles Set

The POLENTAT 17 Pcs Silicone Travel Bottles Set includes TSA Approved Travel Size Containers. These travel bottles have all the features that make them the best travel gifts for moms who love to travel. The set includes silicone traveling bottles that can store shampoo and detergent, perfume, moisturizer, and even toothbrushes! It also comes with a funnel and a brush for easy filling of each bottle.

There’s no need to worry about leaks or spills either – this travel bottle is leakproof with a 3-layer leakproof cap and non-drip valve. It has an opal shape body which makes it easier to get every last drop out without wasting anything. Finally, this travel bottle set meets carry-on travel standards and is TSA airline-approved. With this travel gift, your mom will never have to worry about a lot of luggage again!

8. Burt’s Bees Gift Set for Mom

Burt's Bees Travel Gift Set for Mom

Burt’s Bees travel size gift set is the perfect travel gift for moms who love to travel. Not only does this travel-size gift set come with 5 different Burt’s Bees products, but it also comes in a convenient travel-sized container! Included are Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream, Hand Salve, Milk & Honey Body Lotion, Coconut Foot Cream, and Beeswax Lip Balm. This set would make the best present for your mom or any other traveler that you know.

9. Carryon Approved Solid Toiletries

Carryon Approved Solid Toiletries

The Ethique Hair Sampler is a solid shampoo and conditioner variety pack that saves space and is carry-on approved. The biodegradable ingredients and compostable packaging mean these solid bars are environmentally friendly. The heart-shaped luscious beauty bars are vegan and super concentrated so they save plastic bottles from going to the landfill. Also available for the face and body. These solid bars are the perfect travel gifts for a mom who is environmentally aware or a woman who wants to travel carry-on only.

10. Travel Daypack Purse Backpack

Travel Daypack Purse Backpack travel gifts for mom

Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Chelsea Backpack is a useful travel gift for moms who love to travel. Made of a stylish chevron-quilted polyester-twill water-resistant exterior with gold-plated zippers, this travel daypack features a fully lined tear-resistant stripe polyester lining that will stand up to daily use. The perfect 15-inch computer backpack to keep your business essentials organized while on the go. This travel bag has storage space and pockets including an extensive business organizer for all your needed essentials, an outside trolley strap that fits over most luggage upright handles for hands-free carrying, beverage holster pockets featured on both sides of the backpack, and more!

This is my personal favorite travel item for women and the backpack that I use most days while at home, and always when we travel or take a day trip. It was a perfect size and comfortable for carrying everything I needed for visiting Disney World with kids. I have this backpack in Black, but it’s also available in Burgandy, Navy, and Olive.

11. Reusable Water Bottle for Travel

Reusable Water Bottle for Travel

The Thermos Funtainer 16 oz Reusable Water Bottle is a perfect gift idea for someone who loves travel. It features a durable stainless steel interior and exterior, a sweatproof design that won’t leave water rings, and a push-button lid with an easy one-handed opening. This travel bottle also keeps cold drinks cold for up to 7 hours!

This is one of the best travel gifts for mom and something I use every day. Thermos Funtainer is my favorite reusable water bottle. Featured here in Red Violet, and also available in a wide variety of colors. Thermos Funtainer has smaller 10 oz and 12 oz sizes that are great for kids and available with character designs.

12. Sleep Mask for Travel Mom

 Sleep Mask for Travel Mom

MUSICOZY Sleep Mask with Headphones combines the benefits of an eye cover with wireless headphones to help you get some shuteye anywhere! This comfortable and lightweight travel eye mask blocks out light and gives you the best sleep possible. Made of premium memory foam with a smooth silk lining that is a breathable cool fabric

The sleep mask earbuds/headphones pair with any smartphone or tablet device within 33 feet. With 1-2 hours quick charge providing 10 hours playing time, enough to support the whole night. The central panel and ultra-thin sleeping headphones with silicone cover are very friendly to side sleepers. You won’t feel any hard panels or earphones but soft fabrics. Noise-canceling works well in noisy environments, especially in public transit or while traveling. This is one of the necessary travel accessories for mom, which make the ideal travel gifts for mom.

13. Addalock Portable Door Lock

Addalock Portable Door Lock

Addalock is the original travel door lock which can be used on most doors that are hinged and swing inwards. This travel door lock provides additional safety, security, and privacy while you’re home or away. This travel door lock installs in seconds without tools and can be used for apartment security, as child safety locks, and is great for a secure college dorm room. Take it with you when you travel whether you are staying at an Airbnb, hotel, or any other short-term rental. Keep one in your travel bag so that wherever you go, your travel door lock will always keep you safe! Wondering what to get someone who loves to travel? Use the Addalock Portable Door Lock to keep your mom and family safe during vacation. This would be a unique, safe, and practical gift idea for a traveling mom.

14. Laundry Wash Bag for Mom

Laundry Wash Bag for Mom

Allurette Washer is a laundry wash bag that you can take with you anywhere. It’s perfect for travel, hand-washing delicates, lingerie, or even baby clothes. This travel gift for mom is the ideal travel accessory! With this travel gift, you won’t have to worry about washing delicates in a sink or risking ruining them at the laundromat. This laundry wash bag is portable and easy to use. It can be used anywhere – whether you are traveling, camping, or at home. Allurette can also be used as a laundry bag for storing your delicates and/or lingerie pre-wash. You can even use the Allurette as a dry bag to store goods on your travels!

15. Lightweight Travel Robe

Lightweight Travel Robe

SIORO Womens Cotton Robe is a great travel gift for mom. It’s a lightweight short knit bathrobe that she can use not only at home but also when she travels! The travel robe is made of 100% cotton and it’s soft, comfy, and convenient. Plus, it comes in five different sizes so there will be one for her no matter what size she wears. And with this travel robe, she’ll never have to worry about packing something like this again because it folds up into its own pouch! Featured in charcoal grey, and available in a wide selection of colors. This would make the ideal present for any mother on Mother’s Day or Christmas!

16. Packable Travel Slippers for Women

Packable Travel Slippers for Women

The travel slipper is a travel essential that every mom needs to have. isotoner Women’s Chevron Slipper is perfect for any woman who loves to travel and wants to be comfortable while she’s on the go. The packable travel slippers are machine washable so you’ll never need to worry about them getting dirty or needing special care when you’re traveling! You can get these travel slippers in four different sizes, so no matter what size your mom wears, she’ll be able to find one that fits her comfortably! Featured in light grey and available in a variety of colors. These travel slippers would make an amazing Christmas or Mother’s Day gift for any mother who travels often.

17. Slim Packing Cubes for Carryon

Slim Packing Cubes for Carryon travel gifts for mom

If you travel often, then you know how difficult it can be to pack your luggage efficiently. It’s easy for clothes to get wrinkled or travel bags to lose their shape after being packed so neatly. But now there are packing cubes that offer more compression than a standard packing cube! The Compass Rose Packing Cubes are perfect for anyone who travels regularly and wants to keep their suitcase as neat as possible. The travel cubes have color-coded numbers on them which help with organization, and they’re the perfect width for international carry-on luggage (dimensions: 13 x 5 x 2.8 inches). These packing cubes are great gift ideas for a mom who loves travel!

18. Carry-on Suitcase: Popular Travel Gifts for Mom

Carry-on Suitcase: Popular Travel Gifts for Mom

The Travelpro luggage was recommended by a friend whose husband is an airline pilot. Travelpro is the brand of choice for travel enthusiasts and flight crews worldwide. When we were looking for travel gifts for dad, we chose this carry-on suitcase for my husband and he loves it! This will definitely be my suitcase of choice next time I purchase a new carry-on.

The Travelpro Luggage Platinum Elite 21” Expandable Carry-on suitcase would make a great gift idea for your mom who loves to travel! This expandable spinner suitcase with an external USB port and dedicated powerbank pocket meets FAA regulations for carry-on and checked baggage. With magnatrac spinner wheels, it includes a removable quart-sized wet pocket for toiletries which can be used as an easy way to store liquids in airports without taking up valuable space.

The case dimensions are 21 x 14 x 9″, and the overall dimensions are 23.5 x 14.5 x 9″. It weighs 7. 8 lbs and has a capacity of 46 liters so you know this will fit inside most standard airplane cabin overhead compartments. Featured in Intrigue Black and Vintage Grey. Also available in a selection of colors and sizes, including carry-on and checked baggage.

19. Travel Tote Carryon for Mom

Travel Tote Carryon for Mom

The travel bag is a travel essential that every mom needs to have. The Baggallini Avenue Tote Top Handle Bag is ideal for any woman who loves to travel and wants to be comfortable and stylish while she’s on the go. Therefore, this lightweight and spacious bag is the perfect choice for any occasion. The zippered pockets keep your must-have essentials safe so they’re ready to go when you need them!

The Avenue tote has a sleeve that slips on the handle of your rolling suitcase for hands-free travel. This water-resistant travel tote weighs 1 lb 4 oz and measures 12” tall, 18” wide, and 5.5” deep with a 52” adjustable and removable strap. Featured in Portobello, but also available in a selection of colors and styles including crossbody bags. These are more great gift ideas for someone who loves travel.

20. Duffle Bag Overnight Travel Carryon

Duffle Bag Overnight Travel Carryon

The Oflamn Duffle Bag Overnight Carry on is a travel accessory that every mom needs to have. This Smooth Nylon Leather Weekender Duffle Bag would make the perfect travel gift for your mom! The XL weekender bag is in 21” L * 9.5” W * 10” H. Therefore, this is a large-sized duffel bag that can fit in 4-6 days of daily essentials such as clothes, shoes, and electronics.

It is designed to meet the flight regulations and requirements for carry-on luggage. The removable cross-body adjustable strap makes this duffel easy to bring with you wherever you are going. Featured in X-Large Black, but also available in a selection of colors and sizes. These are more great travel gifts for someone who loves travel!

21. Travel Blanket and Pillow

travel blanket for mom

The EverSnug Travel Blanket and Pillow is a Premium Soft 2 in 1 Airplane Blanket, which includes a Soft Bag Pillowcase, Hand Luggage Sleeve, and Backpack Clip.

At 65” in length and 40” in width, the ultra-cozy blanket is large enough to keep mom and her travel companion warm. This patent pending travel blanket is perfect for locations such as the car, plane, airport, camping, and many more. The Microplush carrying case can also be the perfect place for a mom to rest her head while traveling.

22. iWALK LinkPod Portable Charger

portable charge travel gift for mom

The iWALK LinkPod Portable Charger offers fast charging for a mom on the go. The lightweight but large capacity is an ideal charging companion for short travel and will fully charge an iPhone 13 Pro once, or from 20% to 60% in just 30 minutes.

The LED display shows the current power left, so there’s no more guessing whether you need to charge it or not. And with quick speed charging, it only takes 1.5 hours to fully recharge this portable charger.

23. Zero Grid Infinity Scarf for Travel

The Zero Grid Infinity Fashion Scarf with Hidden Pockets Converts to a Blanket and Wrap Perfect for Travel. The super-soft, lightweight, and patented design has zipper pockets with button snaps at either end which let you customize the look, fit, and feel.

The two built-in hidden pockets blend seamlessly into the seams. This provides the ideal secret storage for a passport, ID, credit card, cash, cell phone, and other valuables for a traveling mom. The infinity scarf with hidden zipper pockets protects your valuables and frees up your hands to keep hold of kids or luggage.

24. Temperature Control Smart Mug

Temperature Control Smart Mug Mother's Day Gift for Mom

The Ember Coffee Mug is a temperature control smart mug that keeps your drink at your preferred temperature (between 120°F – 145°F) for up to 80 minutes on a full charge or all day on its redesigned charging coaster.

A Temperature Control Travel Mug is also available. These temperature-controlled mugs are the perfect travel gift for mom, as there’s no better way to share warmth than a favorite drink at just the right temperature every time.

25. Travel Jewelry Box Organizer

Travel Jewelry Box Organizer gift for mom

A Travel Jewelry Box Organizer makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a mom who loves to travel. This travel jewelry box can keep your jewelry organized and prevent your necklaces from tangling. This lightweight and compact case comes with seven slot rolls, three rectangular divisions, and an earring compartment.

Perfect for safekeeping and organizing your favorite jewelry wherever you go. This spacious and compact travel jewelry organizer (3.75″x 3.75″) has room to hold multiple earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets, yet it’s small enough to fit in your luggage or in your small bag.

Printable Family Travel Planner

travel planning guide

The Printable Family Travel Planner is a Vacation Planning Guide to help families plan a fun, easy, and memorable vacation with children.

The Best Travel Gifts for Mom

If you need travel gift ideas for mom, we hope you found this travel gift guide helpful. You’ll find travel gifts guaranteed to put a smile on her face! Whether she’s looking for something specific or she’s open to any travel accessory, our travel gift guide has the perfect thing – from packing cubes and carry-on suitcases to travel organizers and toiletries.

There are so many great options when it comes to choosing travel gifts for mom – which of these gifts do you have your eye on? Let us know in the comments below!

And remember, let’s BE Family so you can enjoy the journey.

Until next time,
💕 Ruth

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20 Best Travel Gifts for Mom
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