Best Airplane Bed for Kid, Toddler, and Baby

Everybody knows that flying with children isn’t the easiest thing to do. They don’t like to sit still for long periods and require constant attention. Meanwhile, a flight can disrupt a baby’s sleeping pattern. That’s why getting an airplane bed for kid, toddler, and baby use is a great investment, especially for long-haul flights. 

In this post, we will discuss what is an airplane bed, are inflatable beds allowed on airplanes? What about inflatable airplane beds for a baby, toddler, or children? Plus, a review of the five best airplane beds for kids.

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Best Airplane Beds for Kids

What is a Child Airplane Bed

A child airplane bed is a device that inflates or extends to help your kid sleep on a flight. 

The main problem with these products is that you’ll have to carry them onto the plane. You’ll have to take it in place of another piece of carry-on luggage unless you can fit it inside a carry-on bag. 

Are Inflatable Beds Allowed on Airplanes? 

Inflatable beds are allowed on most airplanes as long as they meet their safety requirements. These differ between airlines so double-check their websites so you don’t haul it through security for no reason. 

Bear in mind that some airlines have an outright ban on inflatable beds. Others leave it to the discretion of crewmembers.

It’s also important to note that an inflatable bed is never allowed for use in the emergency row.

Airplane Bed for Baby

There are several options for babies when it comes to airplane beds. Some parents prefer a reclinable travel chair that keeps them in an ergonomic position. These are generally the most convenient option if you have a ticketed seat for your infant. This is safer than putting your baby on an inflatable bed. 

Inflatable Airplane Bed for Toddlers

An inflatable airplane bed for toddlers usually takes the form of a PVC cushion. Typically they can double as a footrest and are adjustable to multiple heights. Normally, they’re cheaper than other styles of airplane beds or travel chairs. 

These allow the toddler to recline or simply give their feet some support. There’s more chance of them falling asleep on the flight which is good news for everybody on board. Often, you don’t even need a pump to blow them up. 

Simply use your breath to inflate an airplane bed for toddlers. 

The bad news is that they can be awkward to set up if you’re not the first in the aisle. As we noted, many airlines simply don’t allow them. Another issue is that it’s not convenient if another passenger wants to get out of the aisle to use the restroom. 

Inflatable Kids Airplane Cushion

Kids Bed for Plane

It’s more difficult to find beds for older children on airplanes because of their size. 

You can take an inflatable airplane bed for kid use if there is enough room for their legs. Otherwise, it won’t be comfortable for them. As they get older, they’ll become more excited about sitting in the big seat and reclining it.

That’s why you should look for a travel bed that inflates to different heights. A lower cushion will give your child more room to put their legs down. 

This is probably the best option for bigger children because an inflatable bed might be more trouble than it’s worth for them. By all means, try to use an inflatable footrest, but they may age out of it quickly 

What is the Best Airplane Bed for Kids? 

Now let’s look at some of the best airplane beds available today for your children. This also includes the best toddler travel bed for plane rides. Hopefully, we’ll find something that meets your needs!

1. Maliton Kids Airplane Bed

Maliton Kids Airplane Bed - Best Airplane Bed for Kid

Many parents believe that this Maliton is the best toddler travel airplane bed for plane use. At $20 on Amazon, it won’t break your budget either.

This bed inflates between two seats so that your child can lay down flat or elevate their legs. It’s suitable for both toddlers and potentially older children. Adults may even find themselves using it as a footrest at home! 

Meanwhile, it’s exceptionally light at just under one pound. It can be easily folded down and carried in its bag. 

You don’t need a pump to inflate it. The brand advocates blowing it up with a mouth instead. There’s nothing worse than bringing an inflatable bed and forgetting the pump so this is good news. 

Most parents agree that this is an effective and reasonable child airplane bed. However, several major international airlines like Qantas, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, and Hawaiian Airlines don’t allow their use on their flights. 

2. Sunany Kids Airplane Bed to Sleep While Travelling 

Best Airplane Bed for Kid, Toddler

This cheap but effective product makes for a great footrest or inflatable travel bed for toddlers. At around $20 on Amazon, the Sunany Kids Airplane Bed is very fairly priced. 

It’s made from washable PVC which is good news because airplanes aren’t the most hygienic environments. You should wash your child’s airplane bed after each use. Similar to the previous travel bed, it weighs just 0.8 pounds. 

The good news is that it can be adjusted to three different heights. This is good news for bigger toddlers and growing children whose feet can’t quite reach the floor. Once again, you don’t need a pump to inflate it. 

They also supply dust covers, masks, and earplugs to enhance your little one’s airplane sleeping experience. 

Bear in mind, some airlines may not permit its use. It’s also inconvenient if there is another passenger on an inside seat because you’ll have to deflate it to allow them past. 

3. Jet Kids Bed Box

Best Airplane Bed for Kid, Toddler, and Baby

The Jet Kids Bed Box is an interesting option because it doubles as a piece of luggage. It’s a great concept because it means you can eliminate carrying an airplane bag as well as your infant’s travel bag. 

You can even transport smaller children around the airport on it because it’s sturdy enough for them to fit on it. 

It transforms into a child airplane bed in five steps. The lid extends into a mattress and allows your toddler to recline on their seat. It doesn’t prevent them from wearing their seatbelt so in theory it’s entirely safe as an airplane bed for kid use. 

It’s almost $200 on Amazon so it’s not cheap. Furthermore, the brand recommends calling ahead to ensure you can use the product on your flight. 

4. Flypal Inflatable Foot Rest for Travel

Flypal Inflatable Foot Rest for Travel

The Flypal Inflatable Foot Rest is a flexible option that can be used on airplanes or in road vehicles. It’s a great option for adults as well as children, especially if you suffer discomfort when you’re on the road. 

You can choose between three different positions, including a knee elevation mode, for a comfortable experience. It’s adjustable and suitable for children if they want to recline and lie back as the footrest will support them. 

Flypal also uses hygienic PVC. The design is low-profile so anybody can bring it with them without feeling tacky!

It costs slightly more than the previous inflatable beds at about $29 on Amazon. Some reviewers complained that this airplane bed for kid use didn’t hold air as well after a few uses. 

5. Fly-Tot Airplane Bed

Fly-Tot Airplane bed

Finally, let’s look at the original travel bed for toddlers. 

Fly-Tot was the first brand to create an inflatable travel bed. One of the advantages of this product is that they provide two widths. These are aimed at economy and premium economy seats so there’s less chance that they won’t fit. 

The bed itself is very portable and will fold up into a handbag. An emergency release valve enables the cushion to deflate quickly when required. 

However, this bed requires a pump and inflates in three months. This is a major flaw considering many competitors don’t have this need and inflate quicker. It’s also very expensive at $99 on Amazon and isn’t FAA-approved. 

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Best Airplane Beds for Kids & Toddlers
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