Summer Planner For Families

You only get eighteen summers with your kids. Summer 2022 is one of your eighteen. ​Be intentional with the limited summer months by planning your summer vacation activities and daily schedules. Make this summer count! Get a Summer Planner For Kids with everything you need for a boredom-free summer.

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Use our easy systems to help your summer go smoothly. Many of our summer planner printable worksheets can be used by your kid(s), so they can be engaged with planning the best summer ever.

In this article, we share more details about the Summer Planner For Kids. This is a planner that includes calendars and planning templates, summer goals, a summer bucket list printable, and summer activity ideas for families. As well as worksheets and a system to help keep track of expectations and rewards and monitor screen time. Also, there is a section for summer vacation activities to help kids with vacation packing and recording important summer memories. Ultimately, this summer planner will enable your family to enjoy an amazing summer!

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Summer Planner For Kids

This Summer Planner for Kids is a printable PDF that you can download immediately. The 35-page printable summer planner includes a variety of summer bucket list ideas for kids, summer planner templates, calendars, checklists, rewards systems, and more for parents and children.

Summer Planner Template

Start at home by using the Summer Planner and Calendars to mark any important dates and see an overview of your summer at a glance. Then use the Summer Schedule to provide theme ideas for the weekdays. Brainstorm different summer “to-do” categories that are important to your family. Then you and your kid(s) can start working out Weekly and Daily Plans of activities, goals, and checklists, plus Weekly Menu Plans.

bucket list ideas for kids

Calendars & Planning Templates

  • Summer Planner
  • Summer 2022 Calendar
  • June 2022
  • July 2022
  • August 2022
  • Blank Summer Calendar Template
  • Summer Schedule: Weekly Theme Ideas
  • Brainstorm: Summer To Do’s
  • Weekly Plan
  • Daily Plan
  • Weekly Menu: Monday – Sunday
  • Weekly Menu: Sunday – Saturday

Summer Bucket List for Kids

Our Summer Bucket List Ideas highlight over 100 activities for families. Use the Printable Summer Bucket List to create a summer bucket list for kids of the things that your family wants to do. Print and cut out the summer vacation Activity Cards, which can be used as reward coupons for good behavior, or put in a “Boredom Jar” and pull out an activity idea from the jar.  Get our ideas for a summer bucket list – they are perfect for families with children.

summer bucket list ideas

Printable Summer Bucket List

  • Summer Bucket List: Over 100 Ideas For Families
  • Summer Bucket List: Create Your List
  • Activity Cards (3 pages)
  • Activity Cards: Blank Template

Summer Planner Printable

Make a list of Summer Rules that your children will agree to follow. And use the My Responsibilities page for kids to keep track of completed daily and weekly responsibility tasks.

Help your children create healthy screen time habits by having a list of tasks that should be completed before using technology and to earn screen time. Use the Summer Reading Log to track how much reading they are doing. Use the Screen Time Coupons as rewards for chore completion and good behavior. 

summer planner 2022

Summer Expectations & Reward System

  • Summer Rules
  • My Responsibilities
  • Screen Time Checklist
  • Screen Time Checklist: Blank Template
  • Reading Log
  • Screen Time Coupons: Reward System

Summer Vacation Activities

When it’s time to hit the road and leave town for summer vacation activities, we have a Packing List for kids, Summer Journal pages, and a Travel Log that kids will enjoy. This is a great way to keep track of summer memories and use the Notes pages for any additional information.

summer vacation activities

Summer Vacation

  • My Packing List
  • Explorer Chart
  • Summer Journal
  • Travel Log
  • Notes

Video Inside the Planner

Watch this video to see inside our planner. Then get access to The Summer Planner For Kids HERE.

How To Use The Summer Planner For Kids

There are multiple summer planner templates and printable worksheets throughout the planner to help you with the planning process. These digital PDF worksheets are customizable, so you can add text to the pages or print and handwrite information on the printable worksheets.

Consider printing the pages, hole punching, or storing them in a binder with sheet protectors to organize your summer planning easily. The 35-page Planner For Kids is a digital instant download available HERE.

summer planner template

What’s in the Summer Planner?

The 35 printable pages include a variety of summer bucket list ideas for kids, summer planner templates, calendars, checklists, rewards systems, and more for parents and children.

Keeping kids entertained during the summer months can be daunting without fun activities and good planning. Don’t get overwhelmed. Use the summer planner templates and printable worksheets throughout the planner to help you with the summer planning process. Help your family enjoy this summertime together!

summer planner for kids

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And remember, let’s BE Family so you can enjoy the journey!

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Summer Planner For Families
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