Best Family Travel Games for 2022

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What are the Best Family Travel Games?

Are you headed on a family vacation or a road trip with your kids? Not sure what are the best games to pack? That answer is always changing with the exception of a few classic games. We have compiled our recommendations for the best family travel games for 2022 below.

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Why pack games for a family vacation?

You may wonder why we like to pack games on a family vacation. You have already planned a lot of family activities for your trip, so are games even necessary? Yes, we recommend having a few different board games or card games on hand for various reasons:

  • Bad weather happens and it can be hard to plan ahead for. If that day at the beach ends up with an afternoon thunderstorm, then you’ve got a back up indoor option.
  • Family Bonding – laughing and playing with your kids will cause your brain to release endorphins. Consequently that can strengthen bonds through trust and empathy.
  • Reduces Stress – vacations help to reduce stress. They can however unintentionally create stress when things don’t go as planned or you leave something behind.
  • Fill the gaps in your plans with a quick and fun card or board game. Sometimes you just need something to keep the kids busy for an hour between activities.
  • Wind down after a busy day of sightseeing. It’s hard to head directly to bed after a day on the town. Try letting the kids play a board game while you cuddle up to a good book.
Best Board Games for Family Travel

How to choose the Best Family Travel Games for a Vacation?

Obviously “must be fun” should be the first factor in your choice. Next, small and light in most cases will factor in as well. Some games may have a mini version that will work perfectly. You should consider the places they could be used when choosing the perfect family games.

For example, a board game is acceptable if you are playing the game in your beach house rental with a large family. A card game is perfect for sitting on a floor in an airport terminal and can be popped right into a small backpack for a day out sightseeing.

Magnetic Chess or checkers set works great as a family travel game on a family road trip.

However, a great option in the car or on a plane would be a magnetic folding Chess/Checkers set like this one. All the pieces are magnetic and much easier to keep a track of than a traditional board game. A magnetic chess or checkers board game is a perfect family travel game for the backseat.

You want to typically avoid games with a lot of small pieces. Unless it is a magnetic board game, like above. Make sure the box is in good shape to contain any extras the game includes.

Quick Hack: Use a small ziplock bag to keep any dice, game pieces, money, cards, or any other loose pieces that may separate from the game easily. Also check out sites like if you do end up losing a standard piece like a die, checker, or sand timer. They have lots of items that could replace missing pieces. Of course, even if it’s not a perfect match, that could save from buying a new game.

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Card Games are great family travel games

The Best Family Travel Games are typically card games. Light and easy to pack just about anywhere. Quick and easy to whip out if your family needs a distraction or to fill an unexpected delay while on your journey. Below we have compiled a list of our favorite card games for traveling with the family.

Spot It Family Travel card game

Spot it!

A fun family card game of visual perception. Perfect for the whole family, who will be the first to spot the match!

Develops focus, speech-language skills, visual perception skills, and fine motor skills. With multiple ways to play this game will keep 2 – 8 players entertained for hours.

Color and packaging can vary. Many different game variations available, choose your favorite.

Family Card Game perfect for travel

Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game

It’s fun and educational for the whole family. During a long road trip with the kids, do you tire of hearing “are we there yet”?

Keep the backseat busy, have fun and learn all at the same time.

These colorful and high-quality cards are perfect for small hands.

Pictionary card game for family travel

Pictionary Card Game

A mashup of Pictionary and charades, however with no drawing required.

This family fun game will pit 2 teams against each other in a race to act out clues with simple images on each card. Combine them to make a scene, or use them as props.

Emojinks Emoji Card Game for traveling

Emojinks Emoji Card Game

This is fast-paced fun for the whole family game, with small cards in a convenient protective tin, perfect for traveling.

This value-packed 2-in-1 Emoji Card Game has beginner and advanced levels.

UNO card game

This is an easy-to-learn classic family game. This is our daughter’s favorite card game so it is a staple on our family travels.

Easy to learn and fun to play with new customizable wild cards. Comes complete with a sturdy tin convenient for family travel.

Blurt game perfect for family travel

Travel Blurt! Game

This is a fast-paced game of rapid word recall. Just like the name suggests, players will blurt out the word as quickly as they can guess it.

75 double-sided cards, card sleeve, scoreboard, and 4 magnetic score pieces all included in a convenient tin perfect for family travel.

Dutch Blitz card game perfect for traveling.

Dutch Blitz Card Game

This has been a favorite for our family for years. The fast-paced and competitive game will keep everyone on their toes.

The traditional game is for up to 4 players. However, an expansion pack is available to expand to 8 players. You can get a deal on the combined set of both packs here.

Also, there is a protective case that will carry the combination set (two packs) in a hard shell zippered pouch perfect for traveling. Get your hardshell zippered pouch protective case here.

The Best Family Travel Board Games

Here are a few of our favorite and the best family travel games that we like to take on our vacations. We’ve not tried them all yet. The rest is on our wish list to get for a family game night or to try on our next family trip. Let us know your thoughts and which ones you like the best.

Blokus board game for family travel

Blokus Board Game

This is a strategy game designed for the whole family.

This easy-to-learn and a quick-to-play game is perfect for between 2-4 players.

 Sushi Roll - The Sushi Go! Dice Game for family travel

Sushi Roll – The Sushi Go! Game

The dice and board game version of the popular card game Sushi Go! – The Pick and Pass Card Game.

Rack up on winning combos like two tempura or a set of sashimi to win points. The game that always makes me hungry.

Rummikub on the go for easy family travel

Rummikub on the Go

Features the same full-sized racks and tiles as the full-sized version. However, all packs are in a convenient canvas bag for easy transport.

Reinforces STEM skills like sequencing, pattern recognition, and planning. Perfect for generational gameplay for 2-4 players.

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Board Game for family travel

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Game

In this cashless version of the original game, there is less to keep up with. All property values, money collected, and paid out is all done on each player’s bank card.

An interesting modern twist on the classic board game we’ve all played over the years. Kids are sure to love the digital take on this version.

Dabble word game, great for family travel

Dabble Word Game

First to five wins! The first player to spell five words is the winner. If you can spell you can play.

The game is quick and easy to learn. However, it’s still challenging when you play.

Bananagrams travel game is perfect for family vacations.

Bananagrams Game

Not exactly a board game but not at all a card game. Bananagrams is super convenient to pack in a bag or even to keep in the glovebox.

I love the loop at the top of the zippered banana pouch for a carabiner clip on a backpack. This has to be a staple to pack for your family travels (see also, ‘How to Pack Liquids for Air Travel‘).

Check out the Double Bananagrams Game Set for up to 16 people to play.

Mexican Train Dominoes

Another family favorite game with lots of variety. Comes all packed in a handy metal tin with a snap lid. Comes with a wooden hub and metal trains.

Setting up dominoes and watching them topple is enjoyable for all ages. Especially for the little ones that can’t play the game properly yet.

Tips for playing games on a road trip

What are your best family travel game suggestions?

We hope these lists of the best family travel games above will help give you ideas for your next family adventure. Please let us know your thoughts about any games that you have played.

Also, if you try any of our suggestions we would love to know what you think. Leave us a comment below. Share this article to help out your friends who may be planning a road trip with kids or a family vacation.

Let’s help each other along the way to make our family travel easier.

We hope this post will bring you more peace on your family adventures. And remember, Let’s BE Family so you can enjoy the journey.

Until next time,

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