Printable Road Trip Games for Kids

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Are you getting ready to hit the road for your family vacation, or traveling with kids to visit family over the holidays? Are you nervous about how you’ll entertain the kids for endless hours in the car, and avoid the dreaded “are we nearly there yet?” over and over again! Printable Road Trip Games are an inexpensive way to engage your children in fun activities and help pass the hours on your next family trip.

Therefore, we have created a selection of FREE Printable Road Trip Games, which are tried and tested by kids, to provide hours of entertainment on your family travels. Including Road Sign Scavenger Hunt, Coloring Page, Tic Tac Toe, Word Search, License Plate Search Game – and our favorite – Road Trip Bingo. So, read on to download and learn more details about each game, plus how to make your own DIY Road Trip Games Kit.

Furthermore, to help with planning your next family road trip make sure to read our post about how to Simplify a Road Trip with Kids before you next hit the road.

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Road Trip Games for Kids

To download a packet with ALL the printable road trip games

Road Sign Scavenger Hunt

Printable Road Sign Scavenger Hunt Game

If you’re heading on a road trip and looking for something to keep your kids busy and entertained, this is a great option. Parents can play it, too!

Print several copies of the Road Sign Scavenger Hunt and discover how many you can spot along the way. The first person to find all of the road signs is the winner of the game.

For the printable Road Sign Scavenger Hunt

Road Trip Truck Coloring Page

Road Trip Coloring Sheet

What’s in the Truck? Grad a crayon or a washable marker and use your imagination to draw what you think the truck is carrying. This printable coloring sheet is perfect for toddler and preschool-age children.

To print the Road Trip Truck Coloring Page

Road Trip tic-tac-toe

Tic Tac Toe Game

Road Trip tic tac toe is a game for two players, X and O, who take turns marking the grid. The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row is the winner.

For the printable Road Trip Tic Tac Toe

Road Trip Word Search

Printable Road Trip Word Search Game

Getting ready for a family vacation? Need something to occupy the kids while you travel? Think all things travel related. Use this printable travel games puzzle to find and mark all the words hidden inside the grid.

For the printable Road Trip Word Search

License Plate Search Game

Printable License Plate Search Game

Keep the kids entertained while you’re traveling across the United States. See how many different license plates you can find on your trip and check them off your list.

This is a check-off list with all 50 states that you can use to play the License Plate Search Game on car trips or road trips. Spot the plate and color the state.

For the printable License Plate Search Game

Printable Road Trip Bingo

So, are you wondering how to entertain the kids while you’re driving on your family vacation? This printable road trip game is our family favorite!

As you drive down the road kids will pay attention to their surroundings as they try to spot and mark off items on their road trip bingo card. This can be played with little kids who need to get five in a row to win bingo. Or with older kids who can go for a blackout, where they have to get everything on the board. That could take a while!

Printable Road Trip Bingo Game

We have created 4 Road Trip Bingo cards for plenty of variation. You can print multiple game cards and have kids mark them with a crayon or pen as they spot things. Or if you prefer to re-use the game boards then insert each card in to a plastic sheet protector and mark with a dry erase pen. See details below about how to make your own DIY printable road trip games kit.

For all 4 versions of Printable Road Trip Bingo

Printable Road Trip Bingo Game
Printable Road Trip Bingo Game
Printable Road Trip Bingo Game

For a packet with ALL the printable road trip games listed above

Printable Travel Games For Kids – The Ultimate Activity Pack (30 Pages)

Our Printable Road Trip Games have become so popular that we decided to create The Ultimate Activity Pack. The 30 printable pages include a variety of travel-themed games, activities, and more for children age 3 plus (and even the adults will want to join in too).

printable travel games for kids

These Printable Travel Games For Kids are an inexpensive way to engage your children in a wide selection of fun activities and help pass the hours on your next family trip. And, the added bonus of avoiding screen time for kids!

Travel Tray for Road Trip Games

kids travel tray

We like to use our BE Family Travel Tray on a road trip with printable games for kids. The car seat travel tray sits in the child’s lap and provides a flat, firm surface for the child to play, draw, or work on their printable road trip games. This is also a great place to hold a water bottle or eat a snack. The multi functional capabilities of the BE Family Travel Tray will help end the “are we nearly there yet” boredom.

DIY Road Trip Games Kit

Also, you can print the road trip games and use them with a regular pen, crayon or marker. Or if you prefer to re-use your printable road trip games then you can make your own DIY Kit using the following supplies.

Description of how to make a Printable Road Trip Games Kit:

  1. Print the road trip games, and gather the supplies listed above.
  2. Cut approximately 24″ length of string.
  3. Using the tape, attach one end of the string to the Expo Dry Erase Marker, trim any excess string with scissors.
  4. Then tie a triple knot to attach the other end of the string to the metal clip on the clipboard, and trim any excess string with scissors.
  5. Insert each printed road trip game into a clear sheet protector.
  6. Put the stack of sheet protectors, with printable games, on the clipboard ready to use on your next family road trip. If you have a storage clipboard that opens then you can store the extra sheets inside.
  7. Finally, use a baby wipe or damp paper towel to wipe clean the sheet protectors and then reuse the printable games.

Printable Road Trip Games

Dry Erase Marker attached with tape and tied onto clipboard

Carry extra printable road trip games inside storage clipboard

For a packet with ALL the printable road trip games listed above

The Best Printable Games for a Family Road Trip

These printable road trip games will come in handy for your next family vacation. Printable games can be used for children of different ages, especially as siblings can compete against each other and their parent(s) to win! These printable travel games will help keep your children entertained and prevent boredom from hours in the car as your family hits the road for vacation.

Check out our post about the best family travel games to find games to entertain the kids on your next family vacation.

Finally, we would love to hear about your favorite family road trip games, or if you have other printable games for kids that we could add to this collection and share with other parents.

And remember, let’s BE Family so you can enjoy the journey.
Until next time,
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