Travel Crafts for Kids: Best no-mess Activities

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Travel Crafts for Kids

What are the best travel crafts to keep kids entertained on a long journey? These crafts for children are no-mess, pre-packaged, simple and easy for busy Mom’s who are packing for a family vacation. I am asked regularly, by parents, how to avoid too much screen time for kids while traveling. They are interested in non-electronic options for their little ones. Above all they need ideas to prevent boredom while traveling with kids. Travel Crafts for Kids are a great option to add into the rotation of activities to keep children occupied while you travel. In this post we discuss our favorite travel crafts for kids, to help keep kids (and their parents) sane!

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Travel Crafts for Family Vacation

When preparing to leave on a family road trip or a flight with kids, parents are looking for kid’s travel activities or travel toys for toddlers. Traveling with kids means your journey will consist of activities such as craft or activity sets, printable road trip games, coloring, books, toys, travel games, sticker books, workbooks, family audiobooks, screen time, or family road trip movies, followed by travel snacks, then rinse and repeat!

Before leaving on a family vacation I find myself on Pinterest looking at all the super cute craft ideas. I often think how such crafts would be perfect activities for my kids on our next trip. However, the reality of trying to pull together all the needed craft supplies – while I’m busy getting my family packed for vacation – means it never happens. So, no matter how good my intentions, I’m never able to pull off DIY travel crafts.

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Pre-packaged, all-inclusive, ready to go Travel Crafts

Certainly my kids love to craft, especially my 8 year old daughter. Therefore, as a busy Mom I love to order pre-packaged, all-inclusive, ready to go craft options, that don’t require any prep when I’m in a hurry. We have tons of craft supplies at home, and we spend hours crafting new creations, but when it’s vacation prep time I’ve often got too many other things on my mind.

Similarly, the intention of this blog is helping parents to simplify your family adventures. Traveling with children is challenging and exhausting, but it’s worth ALL the extra effort. Therefore, we want to remove the stress of family travel so you will look forward to creating family memories, and not dread preparing for your next family vacation.

Best 5 Travel Crafts for Kids

These are our favorite travel crafts for kids age 4-9 years. These travel crafts are no-mess, pre-packaged and ready to go activities for your next family adventure. They are lightweight and can be easily packed in a BE Family Travel Tray or in your carry-on luggage. Above all, these travel crafts are the perfect activities to entertain your child on an airplane or on a road trip.

Melissa & Doug On-the-Go Felt Friends Craft Activity Set

Melissa & Doug On-the-Go Felt Friends Craft Activity Set

The Melissa & Doug On-the-Go Felt Friends Craft Activity Set comes with illustrated step-by-step instructions that help to teach kids how to use the set safely and inspire creative ideas.

Also, this activity set is great for traveling, and ideal for children ages 4 years and up.

Wikki Stix Traveler Playset

Wikki Stix Traveler Playset

Wikki Stix is made with non-toxic food grade wax and hand knitting yarn.

Furthermore, this product offers clean, quiet, hands-on and engaging play for any occasion – in the car, or on the plane. This travel craft is a great on-the-go activity!

The kit includes a convenient, bright red carrying case for imaginative play during travel.

Paint by Sticker Kids

Paint by Sticker Kids is available in multiple designs including: The Original, Unicorns & Magic, Zoo Animals, Beautiful Bugs, or Under the Sea.

This travel craft for kids includes everything you need to create ten sticker paintings on sturdy card stock. Plus, all the pages are perforated – making it easy to tear out each finished work to frame and share! Your child will paint their design with stickers! Furthermore, it’s simple – find the sticker, peel, then place the sticker, and watch your painting come to life!

Make-a-Face Sticker Pad

Create a Face Sticker Pads are available in various designs including: CharactersPrincess or Animals. They include 170+ stickers and 20 full color background pages for kids to create their own face designs. This activity promotes fine motor skills and creative expression for children age 3+.

Melissa & Doug Design-Your-Own Jewelry-Making Kits

Travel Crafts for Kids

Melissa & Doug Design-Your-Own Jewelry-Making Kits include Bangles, Headbands, and Bracelets.

Each all-inclusive design kit includes at least 50 decorative stickers. There are multiple items in each kit and the simple process creates amazing results.

Therefore, this is the perfect travel craft for kids age 4+ when your family is on the go.

Also, for more great at home crating ideas visit our friends at JK Crafts who provide tons of helpful crafting tips and craft projects that your family will love!

Travel Activities for Kids

Another recommended travel activity for children is our FREE Printable Road Trip Games. Download these games that we created, they are tried and tested by kids, to provide hours of entertainment on your family travels. Including Road Sign Scavenger Hunt, Coloring Page, Tic Tac Toe, Word Search, License Plate Search Game – and our favorite – Road Trip Bingo. Download our FREE Printable Road Trip Games HERE.

In the meantime, we hope your kids will enjoy these travel crafts and these activities will help to simplify your family adventures. Having plenty of activities to rotate between will help to occupy your child. Plan to take regular breaks to stretch your legs, especially if you’re traveling with a potty training toddler. Also, make sure you’re aware of how to avoid to motion sickness in kids to make your journey smooth and uneventful.

Let us know what travel crafts your kids enjoy that would be a great addition to our next family vacation.

And remember, let’s BE Family so you can enjoy the journey.

Until next time,
💕💖 Ruth

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Travel Crafts for Kids to Avoid Screen Time
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