Most Popular Travel Gifts for Preschoolers Age 3-4 Years

Looking for entertaining travel gifts for preschoolers that they’ll use? Whether you’re shopping for travel gifts for your children or searching for travel gift ideas for preschoolers that you know, this wonderful collection of options is guaranteed to make a young traveler happy.

Traveling with kids is an excellent way to encourage exploration and learning, especially during the preschool years. There are endless benefits to raising children who love to travel and see the world.

If your preschooler has an upcoming family vacation, use these kid travel gift ideas. Choosing one of these preschool travel toys is the way to go. These popular travel gifts for preschoolers will be loved by the child and their parents, who will appreciate having these travel essentials for kids. Check out our holiday gift guide for preschoolers aged 3 to 4 years.

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Best Travel gifts for preschoolers

What Are the 25 Best Travel Gifts for Preschoolers in 2023?

Preschoolers are between the ages of 3 and 4 years. They have a greater attention span than a toddler. Still, their attention to detail and ability to do more complex activities is less developed than that of an elementary-school-aged youngster. This makes it tough to pick a travel present for them. Check out these holiday gifts for preschool students.

Top 25 Travel Gifts for Preschoolers

What are the most popular gift ideas for preschoolers? Our favorite travel gifts for preschoolers are classified into the following categories:

  • Preschool Travel Activities
  • Best Travel Toys for Preschoolers
  • Travel Games for 4-year-olds
  • Travel Accessories for Preschoolers 
  • Preschool backpack and gear for travel
  • Non-Toy Gifts for Preschoolers
Top 25 Travel Gifts for Preschoolers

Preschool Travel Activities

The most popular traveling activities for preschoolers include sticker books, coloring, activity sets, crafts, workbooks, and more. You may purchase the following travel gifts for your preschoolers so that they can engage in fun travel activities:

1. Reusable Sticker Pad

Reusable Sticker Book

One of the finest travel gifts for kids is a reusable sticker pad. Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad is ideal for little children. 

This engaging collection for ages three and up contains five unique scenarios (a hospital, school, fire station, grocery store, and restaurants) and over 200 reusable stickers to embellish the settings and make it “your town.” 

Because the stickers are recyclable, you may rearrange them, use them in other situations, and play with them repeatedly.

2. Crayola Mini Twistables Crayons

The Crayola Mini Twistables Crayons is a portable mini twistable crayon for young artists. They are ideal for coloring, doodling, mixing, shading, and other activities.

Crayola Twistables twist up to deliver extra color, avoiding the need to sharpen or remove crayon labels. Every time they color, kids will appreciate having a sharp point to work with! This travel gift is everything your preschool child needs to sketch on the move.

3. Crayola Mess Free Coloring Set

Crayola Mess Free Coloring Sets are excellent travel gifts for preschool children! They make no messes! If your child struggles to keep the colors on the paper and not on the table/floor, this is a must-have!

The colors are also appropriate for the theme of the coloring book, and they only work on the coloring pages. The coloring pages are adorable and varied, with some little surprise designs appearing in blank spots when colored!

These no-mess coloring books are ideal gifts for any child! The characters are cute, and the markers last a long time!

4. Melissa & Doug On The Go Water Wow

On The Go Water Wow Travel gifts for preschoolers

We can’t get over how much we like these mess-free coloring pads. Melissa & Doug On The Go Water Wow has enough coloring sheets to keep your four-year-old busy for hours, and the best thing is that these portable coloring pads are reusable!

Each page clears as it dries, and the water pin may be refilled and saved for future use. These Melissa and Doug On the Go Water Wow also aid in the development of various abilities in your kid, including fine motor, reading and writing, and visual discrimination. We got a lot of use out of them, suitable for children aged 3 to 7.

5. Wikki Stix

Travel Crafts for Kids

These brightly colored waxy sticks may be molded into various forms and figures, which is beneficial for developing fine motor skills and fostering creativity. The Wikki Stix provides the ‘stackability’ component, allowing them to adhere to paper and other flat surfaces without needing glue or paste. 

Best of all, they’re simple to peel off and reuse! We’ve used them for a few years, and they’re still strong on road trips and travels!

6. My First Learn-to-Write Workbook

My First Learn-to-Write Workbook is an excellent travel gift for a child aged 3 to 4 years. If your child enjoys writing, this is a better option than other options for keeping them engaged. It has full pages of tracing letters instead of just tracing one letter, leaving your child to do the rest independently. 

They can trace all the letters and learn how to write them, and there is one spot at the end of the page where they can try it on their own. They will be taught how to draw through dots before receiving this book, which provides an educational preschool travel activity.

Travel Gifts for Preschoolers at Christmas

Best Travel Toys for Preschoolers

Travel toys that preschoolers will love include fidgets, puzzles, magnetic blocks, and more. The following gift ideas are the best car travel toys for 3-year-olds, which include the best travel toys for a 3-year-old boy or girl; let’s read on for more information.

7. Fidget Toy

best travel toys for preschoolers

Fidget toys are one of the best travel toys for preschoolers. Squeezing the popping buttons with their thumbs or fingers helps your child relax and regain focus even in stressful situations. A fidget toy is small and lightweight, making it an ideal distraction during a stressful situation like traveling or flying.

8. Vanmor Puzzle for Kids

preschool travel activities

Vanmor Puzzle for Kids is one the greatest travel toys for 3-year-olds. The sturdy, colorful, and smart puzzle will undoubtedly keep everyone interested. It’s a terrific method to keep small brains thinking and problem-solving. 

Great puzzle exercise for young brains – adjustment, adaptation, and inventiveness. Montessori learning toy for toddlers learns it shapes color identification and teaches preschoolers patience and attention. Spatial awareness and teamwork are fantastic values for a learning tool.

9. Bravokids LCD Writing Tablet 

good travel toys for 3 year olds

These Bravokids LCD Writing tablets allow your child to draw in vibrant colors while protecting their eyes and keeping their mess contained to the tablet. 

Because the tablets are so light and durable, children can enjoy the fun of painting, spelling, and imitation whenever and wherever they want. Fully releasing their imagination and creativity, improving their concentration, and staying away from electronic products.

The ideal preschool toy for boys and girls. Travel toys for toddlers are made of durable plastic, anti-fall, and anti-shock, suitable for use in various settings: airplanes, cars, restaurants, and so on. These are good travel toys for 3-year-olds that make the perfect gift!

10. Magnetic Blocks Starter Set

Magnetic Blocks Starter Set Travel gifts for preschoolers

Magnetic Blocks Starter Set has completed the third generation update, which includes stainless steel security for magnets as well as the plastic housing structure.

Which can successfully prevent the contact surfaces from magnet frictional corrosion, prevent the magnets from coming out due to a possible crack, extend the tiles’ use-life, and avoid accidental swallowing by children. These magnetic blocks are far safer and make excellent preschool travel toys in the car or on the plane! This has to be one of our favorite travel gifts for 3-year-olds and something my children played with for many years throughout preschool and early elementary age!

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Best Travel Gifts for 4-year-olds and preschool kids

Travel Games for 4-year-olds

There are many travel games for 4-year-olds to keep kids entertained in the car, on the plane, and while on a family vacation. These popular toys for traveling 4-year-olds are as follows:

11. Skillmatics Educational Game

Travel gifts for preschoolers

Skillmatics Educational Game is a good travel toy for 4-year-olds because it encourages learning and skill development. Through practice and play at their own pace with passionate topics, kids love animals, unicorns, space, and many more!

12. Skillmatics Card Game

Skillmatics Card Game

Preschoolers will like this travel gift. Skillmatics Card Game builds your child’s understanding of phonics, rhymes, shapes, and more with 50 fun Game Cards! 

It’s a pleasant and straightforward approach for children to flesh out their comprehension of normally remembered information subjects. The kids will have a great time!

13. UNO Junior Card Game

Uno Junior

This simplified UNO Junior Card Game is the best travel toy for a four-year-old since it has many levels of play and allows children to develop with the game. Cards contain lovely zoo animal graphics for numbers 0 through 8, making matching simple for children as young as three. 

The game’s three levels of play enable it to keep up with a child’s growth. Players compete to get rid of all their cards by matching them to the top card in the deck, either by color or by animal/number. Remember to cry “UNO!” when you’re down to one card. Colors and decorations are subject to change.

14. LIKEE Wooden Blocks Jigsaw Puzzle

Wooden Puzzle for Preschooler

The LIKEE wooden blocks jigsaw puzzle is a great traveling gift set that includes 36 wooden pieces and 60 pattern cards with animals, vehicles, and other designs. 

Kids can try to build what is shown on the cards or create their designs, which is great for developing spatial awareness, color, hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, and problem-solving!

15. Printable Road Trip Games 

printable travel games for kids

Keeping the kids engaged while traveling may be difficult, so we’ve compiled a collection of downloadable games and activities to keep them occupied for hours!

The printable activity pack includes popular road trip games such as I Spy, License Plate Search, Scavenger Hunts, and Bingo. There are mazes, coloring, Spot the Difference, and family favorites such as Would You Rather?

Use our Printable Travel Games to entertain the kids on your next family road trip or flight. Suitable for children aged three plus. This is an affordable child-friendly travel activity and fun for the whole family (see also, ‘15 Best Family Indoor Activities To Do On Your Travels‘)!

Gifts and Travel Accessories for Preschoolers

Travel Accessories for Preschoolers  

What travel accessories do I need for a preschooler? The following are the best travel accessories you can buy for your children:

16. Packing Cubes

travel accessories for kids Travel gifts for preschoolers

Even at an early age, children like having their Packing Cubes. Our children never left the house without their travel backpacks, stocked with cuddly animals, a water bottle, toys, and other items. 

Packing cubes also carry individual clothes or can be used to arrange by day, activity, or kind of clothing. There are many colors and sizes to choose from. It is one of the greatest preschool travel presents that children will use for many years.

family travel packing lists
The BE Family Travel Packing Lists will help you pack everything you need for a family vacation with a baby, toddler, or kids. Use these Printable Packing Lists for your next beach vacation, family road trip, or flight with children.

17. Reusable Water Bottle

Thermos Reusable Water Bottle

Preschoolers who travel would appreciate a Reusable Water Bottle as a present. This 12 oz Thermos Funtainer comes in a plethora of colors and styles. 

It’s a stainless steel thermos that keeps drinks cool for 12 hours without sweating, even when loaded with ice. This reusable water bottle is the ideal family travel gift for a preschooler who can use this at home, at school, on vacation, and while traveling.

18. Binoculars

Travel Accessories for Kids

THINKPEAK Binoculars for Kids – both boys and girls – are simple to use and make excellent toys for children who like exploring.

These kids’ and toddler binoculars are designed with your child’s safety in mind. Featuring a rubber covering to absorb impact and a non-slip handle that is ideal for little hands. 

These compact binoculars for youngsters have a crystal-clear 8×21 magnification and give sharp, vivid views with excellent light transmission. Binoculars are one of the most important travel accessories for preschoolers as they grow. Preschoolers will love this travel gift.

19. Kids Travel Neck Pillow

kids travel neck pillow

A Kids Travel Neck Pillow supports your child’s head, neck, and chin in any sleeping position on a plane or automobile. A comfy aircraft travel cushion is an important item of child travel gear, making it one of the finest travel gifts for preschoolers.

20. Wireless Headphones 

Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Mokata Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are an excellent travel gift for children that will save your sanity and the sanity of those around you. 

They’re ideal for flights since not all airlines give child-sized headphones, and they’re perfect for kids using their iPad, Tablets, or other gadgets to keep the noise to themselves.

21. Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet

Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet

We all wish to limit our children’s screen usage. However, a Fire HD 8 Kids tablet is important to our family’s trip packing list. We use them to teach the kids educational games and entertain them with limited screen time on long journeys.

Fortunately, screen time is less of a concern while traveling since kids spend more time outdoors and doing other things! An excellent tablet and fantastic accessories might be crucial for your 21st-century trips.

22. Skiphop Preschool Backpack

Skiphop Preschool Backpack

Skiphop Preschool Backpack is excellent for a weekend break, as an aircraft carry-on backpack, or as a day pack for your family holiday. 

Most kids like the freedom of carrying their belongings, and they can now do it in style! This preschool backpack is available in over 30 colors, sizes, and styles for girls and boys. This good-quality backpack has been used by my younger kids for many years and makes the perfect travel gift for preschoolers and toddlers.

23. Kid’s Car Seat Travel Tray 

Kids Car Seat Travel Tray

The Kid’s Car Seat Travel Tray is an ideal traveling gift for preschoolers because it keeps the kids entertained on your Trip. While on your adventure, it organizes drinks, snacks, activities, and electronics for the kids.

To learn more, read this article about our BE Family Travel Kids Car Seat Travel Tray.

24. Trunki Kid’s Ride On Suitcase

travel accessories for kids

The Trunki kid’s ride-on suitcase with a matching saddle bag and drinks bottle holster is the ideal travel present for preschoolers. Trunki was designed to alleviate the boredom that so many traveling children experience. 

Kids may fill their Trunki ride-on bag with their favorite toys and things as parents keep them in tow. It’s built of the same lightweight but sturdy hard shell plastic as adult luggage. And it was put through rigorous testing to ensure it would withstand all of the wear and tear that an eager three-year-old can dish out.

The Trunki Ride-on Suitcase is one of the most fun and practical travel gifts for preschoolers that they will enjoy using on vacation! It’s especially helpful in the airport if you fly with children.

25. Luggage Tag with Initial

Luggage Tag with initial

Our daughters like their  Luggage Tags with Initial, which makes them the ideal children’s travel gifts. It helps kids feel mature and ensures that everyone knows which bag or backpack belongs to them. There are various varieties, so see which ones your kids like.

Best travel toys for preschoolers

Non-Toy Gifts for Preschoolers

Do you prefer to focus more on memories and less on stuff? There are plenty of non-toy gift options for children if you would rather avoid traveling with gifts.

Non-toy gift ideas for preschoolers that are also travel-friendly include:

  • Audiobooks
  • Membership or Annual Pass, e.g., zoo, museum, aquarium
  • Movie Tickets or Movies
  • Classes, e.g., soccer, ballet, gymnastics
  • Experiences on Vacation, e.g., character breakfast
  • Monthly Subscription Box
  • Magazine or Book Subscription
  • Gift Cards for a restaurant, favorite store, or activity
  • Cash to use on vacation
  • And remember, the vacation itself can be a fantastic gift!
  • Activities, e.g., swimming, amusement park, bowling

Final Thoughts

Do you know what to get your preschooler as a travel gift? This traveler’s gift list will assist you in selecting the finest travel presents for kids aged 3 to 4 years. These preschool travel gifts are stuff that kids will use and enjoy! And their parents will thank you for it!

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Most popular travel gifts for preschoolers
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