Summer Bucket List Ideas

Entertaining kids during the summer months can be daunting without fun activities for the whole family. Our Summer Bucket List Ideas For Kids & Families include the best activities for a boredom-free summer. You only get eighteen summers with your kids. This is one of your eighteen. Be intentional with the limited summer months by planning your summer activities. Make this summer count!

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Summer is a great time for kids to take a break from school, enjoy a slower pace and have some fun! But within days of finishing the school year, most kids start to miss the routine and structure of school. And then parents are struggling to keep their kids entertained and get fed up with hearing “I’m so bored”.

In this article, we will discuss the purpose of a summer bucket list and why it’s important for families. And, we will share our summer bucket list with over 100 ideas for families. This will help you prioritize your summer activities for children. Beat the boredom so your family can enjoy the best summer ever!

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Summer Bucket List for Kids

What is a Summer Bucket List?

A summer bucket list is a great way to plan out family activities. It helps parents (and kids) to prioritize what they want to do with their time during the summer months. Having fun, family-friendly activities to look forward to will help fill your days and create precious memories. There are plenty of other activities for children to enjoy at home.

Summer Bucket List for Kids

We have created our Summer Bucket List with over 100 ideas for families. Use the summer family bucket list to prioritize things that your family wants to do. And many of these ideas for a summer bucket list are low-cost or free.

These kid-friendly bucket list ideas include at-home activities such as playing in the sprinkler, making friendship bracelets, or having a backyard camp out. There are food-related ideas such as picking fresh berries, making lemonade, or toasting marshmallows.

Other good ideas for a summer bucket list include visiting family-friendly destinations. Top of the summer travel bucket list for kids is visiting a water park. Or how about taking a weekend family road trip, or going to the beach with children. Are you looking for summer activity bucket list ideas to help your child be a good human? Consider helping a neighbor or doing random acts of kindness.

For a full list of over one hundred ideas for kids see our summer bucket list printable. Get the Summer Bucket List Ideas for Families HERE.

summer bucket list for kids

Summer Planner For Kids

If you’re looking for an easy system to help your summer go smoothly, then check out our Summer Planner For Kids. It includes printable worksheets that can be used by your child(ren), so they can be engaged with planning the best summer ever.

The 35 printable pages include a variety of summer bucket list ideas for kids, summer planner templates, calendars, checklists, rewards systems, and more for parents and children.

Click HERE to learn more about the Summer Planner For Kids.

Summer Vacation Activities

In the meantime, the Summer Bucket List Ideas For Families will be helpful for planning summer activities and trips with your kids. Use these family-friendly summer vacation activities to create fun memories. Enjoy the summer break and make it count!

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Summer Planner For Kids

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Over 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Families
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